Smart Group & A4M Concluded their First India Conference 2020

Healthwire Bureau

New Delhi-January 19-[12:05 pm] Smart Group & American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine have successfully concluded their first conference featuring esteemed speakers, experts, clinicians, and researchers in the field of Integrative and Functional Medicine.

The Smart Group in partnership with A4M together held their 1st India Conference at the Hyatt Regency, New Delhi. The two-day conference featured esteemed speakers, celebrated doctors and learned professionals in the field of preventive, integrative and traditional medicine from India and across the globe.

Addressed by some of the world’s leading faculty in preventive healthcare, this groundbreaking event was attended by more than 300 doctors and featured the most cutting edge and futurists innovations in healthcare.The guest speakers at the conference were globally renowned scholars who have been leading integrative medicine globally and key leaders of the $4 trillion global wellness industry which is due to swell to $30 trillion.

The audience got the chance to listen to globally renowned speakers like Dr Andrew Heyman (MD, MHSA); Dr Pamela Smith (MD, MPH, MS); Dr Daniyar Jumaniyazov (MD, PhD); Dr Graham Simpson (MD); Dr Brian Delaney (PHD) and Indian health leaders like Deepak A V Chaturvedi (MD), endocrinologist from Mumbai; Alok Sharma, President, Stem Cell Society – India; Dr BS Rajput – Vice President , Stem Cell Society – India ; functional medicine experts like celebrity nutritionist, Dr Anjali Hooda amongst others.

A series of sessions was conducted by renowned industry experts, featured new age topics including intermittent fasting, regenerative medicine, autoimmunity, biochemical detox, and sub-fertile male amongst others, all of which have taken urban India by storm and are being increasingly endorsed by celebrities from Bollywood, sports and even politics. A key feature of the conference was the scientifically curated exhibition featuring nutraceutical providers, companies in cellular regeneration & gene testing, healthcare equipments enabled by artificial intelligence. Healthcare stalwarts like Dabur and Apollo showcased their futuristic vision for healthcare in India.

Keeping with the futuristic theme of the conference, Dr M (BK Modi) Founder-Chairman, Smart Group, addressed the audience via a video conference. Detailing his own experience with stem cells, he said, “I am very glad that doctors in India are taking a keen interest in preventive health. Cellular therapy has personally given me a renewed zeal and has enabled me to pursue my passion despite my age. I wish more people discover the benefits of preventive health, and can lead happy & healthy lives, beyond 100.”

The thought was echoed by Ms Preeti Malhotra (Chairman, Smart Bharat and President – Organising committee, Smart A4M India conference, “Medicine has taken an exponential leap this century. Preventive health has had a profound effect on human longevity, awareness, mental wellbeing. There are researches claiming that children born in the coming years may live for upto a 1000 years, this has a profound effect on social relations, economies and the future of a nation. I am very happy that we were a able to bring A4M into India to initiate this conversation, much needed in a country like ours.”

Given the resounding success of Smart Group & A4M’s 1st India Conference’s Day 1, it’s hoped that the Day 2 shall offer even greater wisdom to the participants by helping them improve and the lead the community into the age of greater awareness.

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