You Can Now Watch Out For This Early Sign Of COVID-19 Which Appears On The Skin

Earlier coronavirus was thought to be another respiratory disease like SARS, as it impacts the entire body of the infected person from head to toe, showing various symptoms.

In January when the disease first emerged, the health experts were busy finding the various symptoms of COVID-19 like fever, dry cough, and breathlessness in patients.

However, as the pandemic spreads across the world, the new lists of symptoms are continuing to increase. Loss of taste and smell, headache, nausea, and diarrhea are some of the common ways to notice COVID-19. Now the researchers have come up with a new symptom which is very much observed among COVID-19 patients.  

A new skin rash problem has been added to the official list of COVID symptoms:

A new symptom of skin rash has come up now in COVID patients. The researchers of the King’s College London looked at the data of 336,000 Brits and found that 9 per cent of Britons who had tested positive for the novel coronavirus or had all the symptoms of the disease, also had developed a skin rash problem. 

According to the scientists, the rash may appear anytime before or after the presence of other COVID-19 symptoms. It may also emerge weeks after testing positive or developing the symptoms.

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How was the study conducted?

A survey was conducted on 336,000 people across the UK, to collect the data. The data was collected using a COVID-19 app, where the users noted their symptoms. 

Tim Spector, who is the professor of genetic epidemiology at King’s College London, said, “We have asked the government to add a new skin rash to the official NHS list of signs and symptoms of Covid-19 as it will reduce infections and save lives.”

In some coronavirus cases, skin rash could be the only symptom of COVID-19

According to the research, in some coronavirus cases, skin rash could be the only symptom of COVID-19, so you better watch this out. The researchers observed that these skin rashes can be the only defining symptom of COVID-19 in certain people who have contracted the infection along with COVID fingers or toes that is the redness and the soreness in toes and fingers.

They also found that patients who had symptoms of skin rashes suffered for a much longer duration of time when compared to other symptoms.

According to the study author Dr. Veronique Bataille, “it is important that people know that in some cases, a rash may be the first or only symptom of the disease.”

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