Simple Lifestyle Measures Can Prevent Most Kind of Strokes, says Dr. Suri at ‘Public Awareness Lecture’ at Indraprastha Apollo Hospital 

simple lifestyle and stokes
New Delhi, October 24- Indian Stroke Association and Institute of Neurosciences, Apollo Hospital organised a public awareness program with the aim to educate the public regarding “Stroke recognition, management and prevention.”
The program was organised by Dr. Vinit Suri, Senior Consultant Neurology and Coordinator, Deptt. of Neurology, Indraprastha Apollo Hospital and President, India Stroke Association.
The meeting was attended by prominent personalities including Mr. LK Advani, Ms Shahnaz Hussain, Mrs. Sharmila Tagore, Mr. Ashok Chauhan and Mrs. Pia Singh.
The invitees also included 200 stroke survivors and their families. 
Briefing about the kinds of strokes and their impact Dr. Suri said, “Stroke is so devastating. Normal people sitting and enjoying an event and all of a sudden they are transformed into major disaster. Stroke occurs in one and four people and yet we don’t know anything about the stroke. There are three big associations for stroke awareness. One is World Stroke, the other is European Stroke Organization, and then there is Indian Stroke Organization which is the only stroke organization in India having 850 members.”
“Stroke is a brain attack because of less circulation into the brain or rupture of circulation into the brain. That is why it is a vascular disorder of the brain or the spinal cord or the retina. There can be a blood circulation blockage be because of the cholestrol plaques, then. cholestrol plaques start developing and finally they block the circulation. 85% of stroke happens due to blockage of blood circulation into the brain. Another way a stroke happens is due to rupture of blood vessel or flowing of blood in the brain which is much more devastating,” he further said.
There is also a short or a small stroke where there is a transient symptom. Someone gets up in the morning and has weakness of the right arm and right leg for sometime and starts feeling alright again. People think it could be a blood pressure problem but they don’t realise that it was a warning sign before a stroke. Only 15-20% lucky people get such warning signs,” he added.
“Strokes can be recognised that a stroke can recognised by a BEFAS i.e. sudden loss in Balance, sudden loss of vision in one Eye or both, Face droop, Arm drift, slurred or difficult Speech. A Stroke can be cured or its strength reduced significantly if a patient can be managed in the first few hours called as Golden Hours. The Golden Hours for intravenous injection, which dissolves the clot, is set as within 4.5 hours and for mechanical thrombectomy, where the clot in the brain is pulled out by an angiography, is set as within 6 hours or 24 hours in selected patients,” he informed.
“About 80% strokes are preventable by simple measures including control of blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, obesity and life style changes including regular exercises losing weight, stopping smoking and chewing tobacco and drinking only in moderate amounts,” cautioned Dr. Suri.
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