Sikkim Becomes First State With Highest Vaccinated Population In India

100% of the population got dose-1 and more than 74% of the population received a second dose.

Sikkim is declared to be the first fully vaccinated state of India, where 100% of the populations have received the first dose of vaccine and 74% of the population has received the second dose as well.

On an average, till now 9,12,325 people were vaccinated. From health workers, front line workers, 45 years and above, to 18 to 44 years all the categories were well taken care of. In addition to this, 4770 doses were provided to the Indian army.

The Government of Sikkim took aggressive measures to ensure the welfare of its people. The vaccination drive was taken very seriously. A team of senior officials and members from the health department was put together to monitor the vaccination status on a daily basis. The topmost priority was to vaccinate the maximum population possible. The members collectively worked towards immunizing the whole Sikkim and achieved it in no time with proper planning and teamwork.

I would like to express my gratitude to the team’s incredible efforts in making this vaccination drive successful. The credit also goes to the residents of Sikkim who came forward as responsible citizens and contributed towards making Sikkim a fully vaccinated state of India. It is indeed a remarkable achievement that couldn’t have been accomplished without the support and guidance of our people’ says Chief Minister, Shri. Prem Singh Tamang ,

The government of Sikkim received 11, 32, 740 doses of Covishield vaccine from the Indian Government out of which the balance at the UIP store is 1,78,390. Currently, we have the stock at East – 36,640, West- 25,670, North – 7,390 & South – 20,090.










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