Side Effects Of Kadha: Herbal Drink Can Cause Several Diseases, Must Take These Precautions

Improper use of Kadha can also cause bleeding from the nose, acidity, mouth ulcers, urination problems, rashes, acne and other diseases

Dr. Saurabh Sharma, Hospital Superintendent – Maharishi Ayurveda

In our daily lifestyle COVID-19 has brought several changes.  Drinking Kadha has become the new normal.  We have heard that to fight against coronavirus the immune system should be strengthened. Kadha is really very helpful in boosting immunity. The consumption of herbal decoction is also suggested by Ayush Ministry. But, there are also various side effects of excessive intake of Kadha. The wrong use of Kadha can lead to many severe diseases.

Over the past few months, Kadha has become one of the most sought-after drinks. Kadha is essentially a concoction of herbs and spices. It is prepared in many variations — with pepper, dry ginger, turmeric, tulsi, cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, or such commonly found kitchen spices and herbs. By boosting immunity it is known to aid the body’s ability to fight infections. However excess of anything can be harmful, and it is no different when it comes to the immunity-boosting kadha.

According to experts, anything more than the specified quantity can lead to health issues ranging from constipation to an increase in body heat, excessive bleeding during periods, and even ‘yellow eyes. Improper use of Kadha can also cause bleeding from the nose, acidity, mouth ulcers, urination problems, rashes, acne, and other diseases. So, intake decoction with a little care if you want to keep your immune system healthy.

Let us also know about the right use the right amount, the right time to take, and other details.

Side Effects of consuming excessive Kadha

You must know about the ingredients used while consuming homemade decoction. The homemade ingredients that are used in the Kadha can lead to rising in the temperature of your body. A large amount of these soluble substances can force speedy reactions in your body which can lead to severe disease. It can severely harm your digestive system and can give you serious mouth blisters. So, use the ingredients carefully and in proper measurement.

What should be the amount of one dose of Kadha?

The decoction should not be consumed more than 50 ml at a time. To make the right amount of the Kadha, take all the ingredients in 100 ml water and allow it to boil until it is reduced to 50 ml. It can also induce body temperature hence you should not drink it too hot.

How many times a day Kadha can be consumed?

Although, it is believed that decoction can boost your immunity to 200% and it can also help to fight against novel coronavirus. But for our health, the intake of this brew is equally sensitive. Hence, it is necessary to consume Kadha in a defined time. It is advised not to drink Kadha in the morning with an empty stomach. The evening is a good time and it also benefits more. You can take it twice a day if you are suffering from a cold and cough.


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