Shilpa Shetty Kundra Adds ‘Tribal Squats’ To Her Workout plateau: Know The Health Benefits

Squatting is a dynamic exercise for increasing strength that works several muscles in your upper and lower body simultaneously

Have you ever wondered what keeps Shilpa Shetty Kundra so much motivated to work out every day and stay so fit?

Well, the 46-year-old actress follows a secret mantra: “Every day is another change to get stronger, to eat better and to live healthier and to be a better version of you.”

The Super Se Bhi Upar wali actress on her Instagram wrote, “Every day that we wake up is an opportunity to turn our lives around the way we want it. Make it worthwhile by giving your dreams, goals, and passion your 100%. But remember your health and diet are responsible for bringing out the best version of you to take on the world. Go the extra mile and take good care of yourself.”

Recently, the actress left her fans awestruck with her new undercut. Shilpa Shetty on Monday shared a video on her Instagram where she revealed her edgy new hairdo, an undercut. She said this took a lot of courage to come out of her comfort zone.

Not only did she have an undercut but along with this she also added a new aerobic workout called, the ‘Tribal Squats’ to her fitness routine.

She wrote, “You can’t live each day without taking risks and without getting out of your comfort zone: be it going for an Undercut buzz cut (which took a lot of gumption, won’t lie) or performing my new aerobic workout: the Tribal Squats.”

Tribal Squats: What you need to know

Squatting is a dynamic exercise for increasing strength that works several muscles in your upper and lower body simultaneously.  Not just adding squats to your workout routine can help improve your exercise performance, but also reduce your risk of injury.

Talking about the health benefits, Shilpa Shetty said, “It works on all lower-body muscles, shoulders, arm-&-leg coordination, speed & agility, and most importantly – on our brain & body.”

How many Tribal Squats you should do in a day?

“The routine entails doing 4 sets of 60 seconds each with only a 30-second break in between each of them,” Shilpa Shetty wrote.

So, put in your effort consistently to see the difference in your fitness because Shilpa Shetty says, “No Guts, No Glory!”

A tribal squat is a dynamic strength training exercise that needs several muscles in your upper and lower body to work together simultaneously. The tribal squats have multiple health benefits, including the improvement of your lower body muscles and shoulders. They also enhance arm and leg coordination, which further results in improvement in speed and agility. Most significantly, tribal squats work for the benefit of your brain and body. The routine involves doing 4 sets in 60 seconds each with a break of only 30 seconds in between each set. You need to put consistent efforts if you want to seek quick benefits. You are likely to see the difference in a short span of time if you include these squats in your daily workouts, said Dr Rimmi Verma, Ortho and Sports Physiotherapist (Gold medallist), Sujok therapist at AXIS Hospital

Shilpa Shetty demonstrates how to do the Tribal Squats here:

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