Share Tech-Driven Solutions To Tackle Coronavirus: PM Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday took to Twitter, asking people to share technology-driven solutions for coronavirus.

“Harnessing innovation for a healthier planet. A lot of people have been sharing technology-driven solutions for COVID-19. I would urge them to share them on @mygovindia,” he said.

The ‘COVID 19 Solution Challenge’ is being hosted on the website.

“The most important factor in preventing the spread of the virus locally is to empower the citizens with the right information and taking precautions…we are also getting inputs with regard to individuals and companies who have developed technologies and innovative solutions, Bioinformatics, datasets, Apps for diagnosis etc that can be leveraged for strengthening the fight against coronavirus,” the page on the challenge said.

“In order to involve the community in the fight against the virus, we would want you to share your solutions to help fight #Coronavirus. Submitted solutions will be evaluated for adoption and those selected will be suitable rewarded,” it said.

How China is Using Technologies

As China initiated its response to the virus, it leaned on its strong technology sector and specifically artificial intelligence (AI), data science, and technology to track and fight the pandemic while tech leaders, including Alibaba, Baidu, Huawei and more accelerated their company’s healthcare initiatives. As a result, tech startups are integrally involved with clinicians, academics, and government entities around the world to activate technology as the virus continues to spread to many other countries.

How AI can be used to tackle the virus
  • AI can identify, track and forecast outbreaks
  • IT can help diagnose the virus
  • It can process healthcare claims
  • Drones can deliver medical supplies
Google’s DeepMind

Google’s DeepMind division used its latest AI algorithms and its computing power to understand the proteins that might make up the virus, and published the findings to help others develop treatments.

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