SC Directs AIIMS Gorakhpur To Conduct Examinations For 11 MBBS Students

Supreme Court directs AIIMS Gorakhpur to conduct the examinations for 11 first-year students whose attendance was low due to COVID19

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Supreme Court will today issue orders in the petition by students pursuing MBBS who have been denied to appear in the First-year examination by AIIMS Gorakhpur on grounds of lack of attendance.

SC had previously observed that students should be given one last chance, and an exam should be conducted for them. “We cannot decide their fate in the exam but they should at least get an opportunity” Court had stated.

In its last hearing, SC had asked the Counsel appearing for AIIMS to submit names of students other than the petitioners who are facing a similar situation.

Bench led by Justice L Nageswara Rao Dictates order as follow-

  • Petitioners say after COVID19 management asked students to leave campus. Students say some of them come from remote areas and thus could not attend..after college reopened and those who could not attend to fulfil minimum attendance, students attended.
  • “AIIMS Bhubaneswar Odisha and Patna had conducted first-year exams without insisting on minimum attendance. AIIMS Gorakhpur wanted to be treated at par,” says petitioners.
  • Taking account of the pandemic, a bench is of the opinion that the 10 petitioners along with one student Rohit Swaroop shall be permitted to take the exam for First-year professional MBBS.
  • Management to hold a test for these persons without insisting on minimum attendance required and if they pass they be promoted to next year. The order is passed in peculiar circumstances of this case, and must not be treated as a precedent.

The bench says, “This order is passed in the backdrop of peculiar circumstance of COVID19 and would not be a precedent. Exam to be held as soon as possible. If there is delay approach the court.”

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