Rethink Your Drink this Summer

The Food Safety & Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) advises people that this summer when opting for beverages, choose plain water most often along with milk, unsweetened tea, coffee and fresh juices. The apex food regulatory body asks people to avoid soft drinks loaded with sugar.

Summer is already here and with rising temperature, people are tempted to go for chilled drinks, soft drinks, sugary juices, sodas and others. But nutritionists caution that it is very important that how we quench our thirst and how to not ignore hidden thirst.

Nutritionist Kavita Devgan says that it is important to consume right kind of drinks in the summer to keep ourselves well hydrated. “Whenever outside in heat or feeling very thirsty, we often rush for chilled aerated beverages, soft drinks, sodas or some-thing like that. But we don’t know that these drinks are quenching our thirst for a while only. These are not at all hydrating us, in fact such drinks leave us more dehydrated,” says Devgan.

Devgan also caution people against sugar loaded drinks and very chilled drinks. She says, “sugar loaded drinks, even fruit juices come with high level of carbohydrates. And, when we consume them our sugar level spikes in a short while only which is not good for the body. Devgan recommends that one should go for cold drinking water or any other cold healthy drink but it should not be chilled.

So, it is important to keep in mind what beverage are going to revitalize your body, and what beverages are going to leave you dehydrated. Kavita Devgan says, “ plain water is the best drink. One can add lemon to it or any other flavours like ginger, cardamom, fennel seeds etc or can have other things like diluted fruit juices, coconut water, buttermilk, bajra sattu (roasted & grinded millet) or channa sattu (roasted & grinded black gram) drink. One can pack these supercool sattus with oneself while going outside and use with water whenever feeling thirsty, which can be not just thirst quenching but also energy boosting.”

Last but not least, one should not ignore hidden thirst. “In some people, thirst senses are not well developed and they do not feel thirsty more often. It does not mean that their body do not need hydration,” says Kavita Devgan. She recommends 7-8 glasses of water daily whether feeling thirsty or not. Devgan says that making habit of dinking 7-8 glass of water will eventually make body habitual of this and can lead to developing normal thirst level.

So, beat the summer heat with mindful drinking, as anything cold is not thirst quenching.

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