How Resysten’s Protective Coating Stops Transmission Of Diseases In Public Spaces

Considering the present COVID-19 pandemic and escalating volume of bacteria and other germs, what’s more crucial than cleaner surfaces?

Tech Power India, a pioneer in infection control, and a subsidiary of the Suvira group, has added to its arsenal the most advanced photo catalytic hygienic coating system called Resysten.

This is a ready to use spray that may help in preventing high- risk surfaces from virus and bacterial growth for a minimum of 12 months. This technology has flexibility and unique properties in it that has been developed through an array of tests and inspections and awarded the SGS quality certification.

Applying alcohol or sanitizer on the surface does not affect this layered surface even after an abrasive testing. This “wonder coating” is straightforward to use through a singular spraying technology that spreads the solvent everywhere the surface evenly. While the multiple layers of this coating makes it more effective when it combines with the surface at a molecular level.

Moreover, significantly reduces odor and pathogen levels by 99.9 per cent and it purifies the air. As the name suggests, Resysten’s photo catalytic technology leverages light particles to sustain effectiveness which gives a long-lasting effect.

Amidst the coronavirus pandemic, this innovative coating will help to reduce the possibilities of contracting the virus by touching common surfaces. They also help in providing the monthly checks and an incredible range of inspection and verification services to regulate and maintain the effectiveness of the coating.

The most attraction is that the use of a licensed ATP test. Why?

It is the on-screen display method which incorporates measuring the bioluminescence of the test sample to urge instant results. This helps in determining the effectiveness of the solution.

In addition to the product, the company also provides services to apply the Resysten coating on any surface as a one-time project or recurring contract with proper monthly checks. Specialized engineers of Tech Power determine the specified volume of the coating which enables uniform distribution. The typical duration of treatment of a 1000 m2 surface is 5-8 hours with 15-30 minutes of drying time between layers.

This coating solution has been applied at a number of the main conglomerates including Janakalyan Bank, Metropolis Healthcare lab, Brookfield property Equinox, Leopold Cafe, Fortis Hospital Mulund etc.

The company ensures that in the contracted period photocatalytic coating stays effective, guaranteeing a secure and hygienic environment for 12 months. Vikram Ghorpade, the person behind the thought proudly states that “Many expensive electronics, air conditioners etc. have already started corroding and getting destroyed with the utilization of wrong technologies. We are here to really assist you reduce risks and save lives showing you ROI’s in but a month in some cases.”

Before Resysten, Tech Power has also provided a variety of award-winning products to combat infectious diseases and boost healthcare. The company continues to innovate and develop solutions to fulfil their mission to make a secure and healthy environment by combating global threats, including COVID-19, in India.

The product is being exclusively distributed in India and Middle East. Founded in 2005, Tech Power India Ltd. is an infection control company that has outgrown itself and gained recognition for its innovation and techniques within the major sectors of the industries. The company primarily creates a healthy and safe environment that helps the country battle with threats like COVID-19.

The company has completed research over the years and are available up with UVD robot and Atlantium (hydro optic UV) technologies that help destroy the microorganisms within the air, water and other surfaces by breaking down their DNA. This story is provided by NewsVoir.

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