Renowned Actress Soha Ali Khan Reveals her Fitness Mantra

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Cow Milk for Amazing Health

I believe cow milk is a very basic ans important ingredient in our diet. We always use fresh milk at home, whether it is coffee, having yogurt or making cheese. I take milk with cereals and I drink milk at night too. It’s also a comfort drink for me. We have a small girl at home and milk is a very important part of her dirt as it is good for her bones. As doctors tell us that first the bones get longer and then father 20 years, they start getting stronger. So milk is good for both longer and stronger bones.

Don’t Take Stress

If a woman has had a cesarean delivery, she should not be working out or going to gym for two months. However, women with natural deliveries may resume their workout soon. You should do walking, swimming, Yoga and also keep your core right. I also used a post-pregnancy belt. You must focus on your diet as you have to feed your child. If you eat good, you will be able to breastfeed your child better and it will make the child healthier.

Don’t Worry About Weight

So, one doesn’t have to worry about weight but the idea is also to stay fit. So stick to your weight and then it will become easier. After that you can do Yoga. There is also a myth related to drinking milk that it increases you weight, but I don’t believe in that because I have experienced it myself that if you drink fresh cow’s skimmed milk, you’ll get fuller, you’ll get lots of good cholesterol and good fats.

Don’t force your kid to have anything

My daughter does like milk. What we like today, we may not like tomorrow. The idea is not to force too much. Sometimes we force our kids so much that they get irritated and become prone to rebel more. We should explain them everything love and the best thing is to teach by example. So if you want your child to have milk, then you should start having milk yourself.

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