Redcliffe Life Diagnostics Launches Lab In Patna

To address the growing need of home comfort diagnostics driven by post-Covid awareness

Redcliffe Life Diagnostics, a unit of Redcliffe Lifetech in the U.S. and India, opened a new lab in Patna to meet the increasing demand for home comfort diagnostics amongst people in the city. Recognizing the eminent desire among consumers to avoid waiting in queues at collection centers and the willingness of families of all income levels to subscribe to self-diagnosis and home collection because of increased awareness and disposable income for self-care, the leading diagnostic chain is embarking on a spree to launch labs in various cities of India to make preventive healthcare accessible to everyone.

Witnessing the surge in home collection diagnostics due to convenience, affordability, accuracy, and dependability, this is a strategic step by Redcliffe Life Diagnostics to provide online preventive on-demand doorstep health screening services with same-day test results with respect to the high demand.

Commenting on the launch, Dheeraj Jain, Founder, Redcliffe Life Diagnostics said, “We have launched the lab in Patna seeing the high-demand for home collection diagnostics. Being the 5th fastest growing city of India, we envision the launch to be a milestone in the company’s growth. We will continue the stellar 24/7 home collection service with our own modern diagnostics lab in the city. Redcliffe Life Diagnostics delivers a streamlined experience from sample booking to reporting within 24 hours with its staff of pathologists in various cities of the country. Given the diagnostic sector’s rapid growth, we aspire to be a market leader in online and home-based diagnostics.”

Redcliffe Life Diagnostics is known as the market leader in genetics and advantage diagnostics technologies including cancer sequencing, pre-natal health, carrier screening also adding wellness and neutron to its product portfolio.

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