Randomised Controlled Trials Need Of The Hour: Soumya Swaminathan

After numerous media reports on the potential treatment of Covid -19 so far administered on grounds in various countries Saumya Swaminathan , the chief scientist , WHO took to her twitter account and made it clear that WHO is tracking all the developments and will update on a treatment guideline only after concrete evidences emerge as these lines of treatments have been there for a while but not for COVID-19.

She emphasised on the need of higher quality of randomised controlled trials (RCTs). Dr. Swaminathan states  that the WHO solidarity trials will test all the drugs reportedly used by different nations like chloroquine, lopinavir/ ritonavir with or without interferon beta, remdesivir in comparison to the standard of care in many countries round the world in order to generate a concrete evidence on mortality and hospitalisation of COVID-19 patients.

She also thanked the pharmaceutical companies who donated these drugs for the WHO solidarity trials.

Dr Swaminathan further added that WHO solidarity protocol is an adaptive clinical trial which will need a lot of involvements. The trials will be overseen by the committees of international experts in global data safety monitoring and steering. She said, “there are no specific anti-Covid compounds that have proven efficacy, though there have been many   in-vitro studies, patient case series, small RCTs, but none of them established efficacy and safety of any proposed drugs.

She reiterated the importance of high-quality research as well.

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