Radixact X9 TomoTherapy: Revolutionizing Treatment For Cancer Patient

TomoTherapy is also helpful in cases in which the patients have received radiation earlier.

The Department of Radiation Oncology at Max Institute of Cancer Care (MICC), Vaishali, today launched the latest Radixact X9 TomoTherapy, a significantly advanced, next generation radiation therapy treatment for cancer patients.

This groundbreaking, cutting-edge technique destroys or reduces tumours by combining the precision of intensity-modulated radiation therapy and image guided scan.

Gracing the event with their presence were Mr Abhay Soni – Chairman& Managing Director, Max Healthcare; Dr Harit Chaturvedi – Chairman, Max Institute of Cancer Care; Col. Harinder Singh Chehal – Sr. Director & COO – Cluster II, Max Healthcare; Dr Gaurav Aggarwal – VP Operations, Max Hospital Vaishali; and senior oncologists.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Gaurav Aggarwal, VP Operations, Max Hospital Vaishali, “With the launch of this advanced therapy we want to reiterate our commitment towards cancer treatment and the welfare of cancer patients. With this new technique, the Department of Radiation Oncology at MICC Vaishali has added another milestone in its journey towards providing best-in-class healthcare services in the field of oncology to the patients. MICC Vaishali now has a complete spectrum of eco-systems to treat cancer patients. The eco-system at MICC, Vaishali has been prepared such that it facilitates the introduction and implementation of new technology perfectly. With a dedicated team of more than 50 super specialists for treating specific organs of the body, MICC Vaishali has trust of 21,000 cancer patients till date and has more than 200 dedicated cancer beds.It also has with six modular OTs, latest PET Scan machine, 23 OPD Chambers for Oncology dedicated to specialized consultations, 32 bed Chemo Daycare centres and a bone marrow transplant unit. A dedicated wing for women offers specialised care for women centric cancers.”

Commenting on the therapy, Dr Dinesh Singh, Senior Director, Radiation Oncology (Breast & Gynae) said, “TomoTherapy is the next generation advanced Radiation Therapy equipment capable of delivering very precise radiation in very challenging cancer cases. Some cases include the growth of cancer in sensitive areas like the brain or close to the eye, prostate cancer which is situated between bladder and rectum and changes in position according to the filling and emptying of these organs; breast cancer where we have to treat breast and chest wall but save the underlying heart and lungs etc. TomoTherapy is also helpful in cases in which the patients have received radiation earlier, and cancer has come back and hence they require re-radiation. “

Dr Gagan Saini, ClinicalAdministrator and Director, Radiation Oncology (Head & Neck, Urological oncology and Neuro Oncology) added, “Radixact Tomotherapy brings extreme precision to our radiation practice. This technology not only allows us to perform high definition of IGRT but also enables monitoring of the changes in a tumour on a day-to-day basis.”

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