PUBG is planning Healthy Gaming?

After the ban in Gujrat and some other several cities and reportedly some arrests in Rajkot, The ultra popular combating mobile game PUBG may be thinking of healthy gaming system in India. According to sources PUBG Mobile India is experimenting a time limit feature for the ongoing ban demands in India. In this the user below 18 years could not play game more than 3 hours continuously and no- body can play the game more than 6 hours a day. Feature will give warning after two hours and snooze in every 15 minutes after that. If user is below eighteen years the game would be locked after 3 hours and would be open after some cooling off period. Adult user also can’t play game more than six hours in a row.

Though PUBG Mobile hasn’t clarified on whether these new feature being tested or not for now but many Indian user of PUBG has faced many warnings and shutdown last week.  PUBG Mobile players started sharing screenshots of the health reminder which says, “You’ve played the game for 6hours today. Please come back at 2019-03-23 05:30:00”. According to this, users who have played PUBG Mobile for six hours were barred from playing the game and could only login the next day at 5:30am.

In a tweet, PUBG Mobile India said, “We’re aware of the “Healthy Gaming System” issue that many of you are currently facing and we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this has caused to you! Our development team is working to resolve the issue as soon as possible.”

Earlier after Ban PUBG has stated that they are checking the validity of ban and seeing in to legal remedies; Also shown keenness to communicate with authorities for a batter solution.


According to experts even if PUBG is finding a way 6 hours are still long and unhealthy.  Dr Sameer Malhotra, Director, Department of Mental Health and Behavioural Sciences says ” it’s all theatricals of gaming company,  as they are facing some tough time.” he added that In reality our kids are in potential risk of addiction which is forcing behavioural issues like anger,  hypersensitivity and tenacity and health issue like headache and insomnia in our kids. He said that population who plays games like PUBG is already vulnerable.  These adolescent and youth have sensation and thrill seeking behaviour and rather than giving some positive direction to them theses type of games feed their negative behaviour. And stringent guideline is needed to solve this issue.

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