Pre-Term Baby Weighing 704 Gms Has A Miraculous Survival At Fortis Vasant Kunj After 80 Days Of Ventilator Support; Discharged With Bodyweight 1.8 Kgs

Baby was suffering from several co-morbidities: Multiple infections, cardiac issues, brain hemorrhage, underwent 12 blood transfusions and was on assisted ventilation for 80 days

In a miraculous turn of events, a pre-term baby survived death and got a new lease of life at Fortis Vasant Kunj. The mother of the baby had given birth to twins through in-vitro fertilization (IVF). While one of the babies died soon after birth, the other had multiple comorbidities and weighed 704 grams. Under the clinical care of doctors team comprising of Dr.Anjima Das, Consultant Pediatrics, Fortis Vasant Kunj, Dr. Sonali More, Consultant Pediatrics, Fortis Vasant Kunj,  led by Dr. Rahul Nagpal, Director – Pediatrics & Neonatology, Fortis Vasant Kunj the baby survived all odds and was discharged post 115 days of intricate treatment and care.

Shortly after birth, the baby had gone into shock and was stabilized within 24 hours. During the course of the treatment, the baby suffered multiple co-morbidities such as desaturation, brain seizures, cardiac issues (Patent Ductus Arteriosus with Pulmonary Hypertension) and underwent 12 blood transfusions/blood products. Finally, after 115 days of treatment and care, the baby has been discharged in a healthy state.

Dr. Rahul Nagpal, Director – Pediatrics & Neonatology, Fortis Vasant Kunj said, “The mother was a patient of IVF. It was a preterm delivery and twins were born with 25 weeks of gestation (6 months of pregnancy). In such cases, the immediate mortality rate is 50%. One of the babies died right at birth and the other baby survived but was in an extremely critical state. The chances of the baby surviving were minimal as he was suffering from multiple co-morbidities and most of his body systems were functioning sub optimally. The infant was on assisted ventilation for 80 days and as many as 10 -12 blood transfusions were done. The child suffered from cardiac issues and had multiple episodes of infection of premature lungs and also had multiple events of intraventricular hemorrhage (brain hemorrhage). The team of doctors adopted a multi-disciplinary approach for treating the infant. After 115 days of treatment, the baby was discharged at a weight of 1.8 kgs. The baby is doing well with all the body systems functioning optimally with no reported complications.”

Dr. Rajeev Nayyar, Facility Director, Fortis Hospital Vasant Kunj said, “It was a very challenging case considering the critical condition of the infant. Many risk factors made the infants chances of survival bleek, owing to the multiple comorbidities. Despite all the odds, Doctors at Fortis Vasant Kunj under the guidance of Dr. Rahul Nagpal gave a second life to the infant by adopting a muti-disciplinary approach. Our team of doctors have always displayed their commitment to clinical excellence and patient-centric care.”

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