Post-Pandemic Hair Loss: Bangalore’s Top Trichologist Points On Causes And Steps To Regain Hair Strength

The alarming rise of post-pandemic hair fall and related hair loss concerns - an observation as abject as the coronavirus itself.

The alarming rise of post-pandemic hair fall and related hair loss concerns – an observation as abject as the coronavirus itself. Many reasons, including lifestyle changes, cause hair loss. The latest studies suggest that the pandemic could also be adding to the early loss of hair in women and men alike. “What we need to focus on is hair strength. The loss of hair strength is a harbinger of approaching hair loss. Chemical treatments to change the texture of hair and curling or straightening of hair without proper supervision may adversely affect the strength of your hair,” Dr. Neelima Ravipati, Head – KosmoHair at Kosmoderma Skin, Body, Hair clinics said.

Dr. Neelima Ravipati heads Kosmohair, a vertical of Kosmoderma Clinics. She is an MBBS, MD, FRGUHS post graduate with more than eight years of experience as a renowned trichologist in the healthcare industry.

Kosmohair Head pointed out stress as another leading factor causing hair loss. Recent Covid infection or any other recent or ongoing health issues, predominantly surgery or even hospitalization for more than three days counts as physical stress factors for your hair, ” Dr. Neelima Ravipati asserted. Emotional stress factors, irrespective of work or personal, or environmental related, negatively impact hair strength.

Hormonal imbalance like Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) or Thyroid diseases also cause premature hair loss. ” Another significant factor probing progressive loss of hair strength is nutrient deficiency, especially B12 Folate, Magnesium, and Vitamin D3 antioxidant,” Dr. Neelima Ravipati said. She hinted at the role of hereditary aspects, specific infections, autoimmune diseases, and chemotherapy intoxication in unprecedented hair loss. “With little doubt that no matter if it’s active or passive, smoking does orchestrate hair strength decline, ” she added.

Remedies & Prevention – proven methods to regain hair strength

“When hair loss becomes tangible, many try to change oil, shampoo, or use random hair care products and end up in vain. Rather than giving up on hair loss or a receding hairline, the key to regain lost hair and be confident again is finding the underlying cause and treating the same,” Dr. Neelima Ravipati, Kosmohair Head states.

How to remedy hair loss due to unsupervised chemical treatment?

Chemicals used for hair straightening or even curling may damage the outer cortex of hair strands. Exposure to high temperatures during these acts also adds to the damage. The solution is cutting the damaged hair and start using peptide lotion on the scalp. Komohair Head said: ” Try to include a steroid-based lotion after consulting a dermatologist. It reduces scalp inflammation and dandruff. At the same time, it helps to fight the underlying risk factors too.”

Dealing with stress-related hair loss

Due to stress factors, the anagen phase of hair changes to the telogen phase (shedding phase), leading to thinning and hair loss. Reversal to the anagen phase is impossible. “The treatment aim is to prevent further spread of anagen hair to telogen hair. What can be done is to make the existing anagen hair strong. Promoting the use of a nutrient-rich diet and use of peptide lotions adds strength to hair roots,” Dr.Neelima Ravipati said. “Platelet Rich Plasma, abbreviated as PRP, is a popular alternative treatment that makes up for hair loss. The procedure involves injecting growth factors derived from own blood samples into the scalp for cell regeneration and is showing the best results. Additionally, Advance PRP, Growth Factor Concentrate abbreviated as GFC, QR 678, and all the latest treatments catering to different levels of treatment in hair growth are available at Kosmoderma.”

The doctor recommends yoga and meditation for remaining stress-free. She also pointed out the necessity of sound sleep and moderate exercise daily for healthy hair.

How to prevent hair loss due to nutrients deficiency?

The first step is getting the complete history through a nutritional status assessment. Then, recommending an effective hair-strengthening diet plan by addressing nutrition. The doctor says: ” The diet plan should address sufficient intake of proteins, vitamin B12, Omega-3 Fatty Acids, antioxidants, micronutrients, iron folate, calcium, magnesium, and vitamin D3 as mains. Patients mitigating hormonal imbalance should take advice from a nutritionist and follow specific diet plan.”

Finally, Dr. Neelima Ravipati alerted to stop self-action again DHT by consuming Minoxidil and other DHT blockers without proper medical recommendation. Always consult a dermatologist, understand the underlying reason for hair loss, and curate your personalized hair loss regime.

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