Poor Diet linked to Mental Health Disorders

Poor Diet linked to Mental Health Disorders

We all at some point have taken comfort in binge eating, especially on the days we are feeling a little low and crave something filling which soothes our soul, fills our stomach and feels like a warm hug, while all this sounds very comforting, poor eating habits and lack of proper nutrition pays a key role in developing mental health disorders. A study done by Jim E. Banta found that poor mental health is linked with poor diet quality.

It has been observed that people who consumed more unhealthy food were more likely to report symptoms of psychological distress than someone who consumes a healthier diet.

Excessive sugar consumption has been found to be associated with bipolar disorder, for example, and consumption of foods that have been fried or contain high amounts of sugar and processed grains have been linked with depression.

Banta stated that “More attention should be paid on the role of diet in mental health, because it could be that healthy diet choices contribute to mental health. More research is needed but the evidence seems to be pointing in that direction.”

The study stated that the team’s findings provide “additional evidence that public policy and clinical practice should more explicitly aim to improve diet quality among those struggling with mental health.” It also stated that “dietary interventions for people with mental illness should especially target young adults, those with less than 12 years of education, and obese individuals.”

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