PM Modi Gets Emotional After Interacting With Jan Aushadhi Beneficiaries 

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday became emotional when a womansuffering from paralysis broke down while thanking him for the Jan AushadhiYojna.

Mr Modi was interacting with the beneficiaries of the scheme.

Sharing her story with the Prime Minister, Dehradun-based Deepa Shah narratedhow the high cost of medicine made it difficult for her to run the household.

“In 2011, I suffered a paralysis attack. I couldn’t speak properly … Iwas receiving treatment at a hospital and the medicines used to cost a lot …it was difficult to manage household expenses,” she said.

She said that since becoming a Jan Aushadi beneficiary, the cost of hermedicines came down from Rs 5,000 to Rs 1,500.

“Earlier, my medicines would cost Rs 5,000 but under Jan Aushadhi, theynow cost just Rs 1,500. I am able to run the house and buy fruits for myselffrom the money I save,” the woman said as she broke down. Hearing this,the Prime Minister also turned emotional.

“I could not speak. I was getting treatment but the medicines were veryexpensive. My husband is also disabled. It was very difficult to run the house.But, since the time I started getting your government’s medicines, I am betternow,” Deepa Shah told PM Modi.

Mrs Shah said she was now paying Rs 1,500 for medicines that had earlier costRs 12.000.

“Doctors had told me I would never be ok… but with your blessings, I’mok and I can speak, and more people are helping me,” she added.

There are over 6,000 Janaushadhi centres operating across the country, Mr Modisaid that over 900 types of medicines and 150 surgical items were available atreduced prices and had benefited more than 1 crore families.

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