Period cramps ? here is new roll on without any sideeffect.

How many time you rolled over the floor during periods due to pain. And swallowed the bitter pill to kill the uncomfort. Cramps and pain is very common during menstruation and every 5 of 10 female take pain killer to curb that. But we all know excessive uses of pain killers are not good for health. So here is the solution now. Two student of Indian institute of technology Delhi has developed a new ointment. One drop of ointment is enough to stop the wriggling cramps for hours.

Two B.Tech students at IIT Delhi, Archit Agarwal and Harry Sehrawat along with Professor Dr. Srinivasan Venkataraman launched a new roll-on ointment, a solution to the painful cramps women face during their menstruation cycle. This roll-on is Based on essential oils including eucalyptus oil, menthol and wintergreen oil, it can also help improve the mood of users. Unlike the Normal ointment or pain reliving balm present in market this roll-on work on the principle producing of first cooling and then heating effect. This is best for period pain.

Sanfe period pain relief roll-on costs Rs. 10 per single day use.

“During our semester exams, one of our friends started crying after an exam, as her exam didn’t go well since she was unable to study because of her period pain. This is when we felt it as need of the hour. We realized that period pain forces over 40% of women to miss their daily routine. Motivated by this we started working on a solution to relieve women from menstrual cramps,” said the co-founders.

After toiling for close to 7 months, they came up with the solution. “The product went through successful clinical trials, where we assessed its benefits and were granted FDA approval claiming no side effects. Thus, a solution to empower women and liberate them from the pain faced during periods was developed,” they added.

Professor Srinivasan Venkataraman said, “Women comprise close to 50% of our population and a significant portion of this population experiences pain and cramps during the menstrual period. Therefore, this becomes an important problem to solve.”

An essential oil based formulation, the Sanfe roll-on, has to be applied on lower abdominal area, lower back and legs during menstrual cramps. It provides a soothing action on cramp affected areas followed by a heating sensation which relieves the pain. The roll-on is medically tested and FDA approved with no side effects.

Sanfe joins league of similar other products which address the issue of menstrual cramps and are gradually normalizing the conversation about menstruation and menstrual cramps

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