Patients after “Fast Track” Knee Replacement Surgery at Fortis Shalimar bagh walked the ramp to create awareness on “Healthy Bones for All” 


New Delhi, 3rd September 2019: A ramp walk to create awareness around the importance of ‘health for your knees’, was organised by Fortis Shalimar Bagh recently. The event which featured more than 50 elderly citizens who had undergone joint replacement surgery at the hospital over the past few years was a quintessential example of how fashion and fitness could be combined to create awareness on the importance of bone health for all age groups.

Dr. (Prof) Amite Pankaj Agarwal (Director – Orthopaedics) and his dedicated team who handle the surgical management of such patients, watched proudly as each patient took the stage and the audience applauded the zealous spirit of every participant. The patients spoke in earnest about the importance of having good bone health and how the surgeries had positively impacted their life.

One of the participants said, “I had been in pain for several years and wasn’t able to walk properly without support. I was completely dependent on the people around me and life felt like a burden. After “Fast Track” knee replacement surgery I felt free. Now I am able to perform all my daily activities on my own. I have resumed to smooth independent painless walking and I’m leading a high quality life with better mobility.”

Dr. Agarwal added “The ramp walk was a great motivation for the patients who had been suffering from prolonged knee problems, prior to the surgery. It illustrated how former patients now had the confidence to go about their day to day activities independently.  Most of the time, patients are hesitant about undergoing knee replacement because they are afraid of the pain and slow recovery. However, with newer technologies like “Fast Track” Knee replacement surgeries, the procedure has become pain-free, no blood loss and minimum stay at the hospital”


Mr Mahipal Bahnot (Zonal Director – FHSB ),“Through this initiative we aim to educate the public about how they can tackle the problem of degenerative joints and make them aware of the pain free procedures that can be performed with the latest technologies. Knee pain is an ailment which people might not take seriously in the initial periods. However as it progresses it can cripple a person, impact the quality of their life. Therefore it is important to seek correct help immediately because longer one waits, the worse the condition gets.”

Strong bones begin in childhood. With good habits and medical attention when needed, we can have strong bones throughout our lives. People who have weak bones are at higher risk for fractures. One can improve bone health by getting enough calcium, vitamin D and physical activity. For older people, weak bones can be deadly. In India most people above 60 years suffer from some kind of bone and joint disease and many of them have an immediate need for joint replacement surgery.

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