Over 7,400 People Receive COVID-19 Vaccine Shots On Monday In Delhi; 14 Adverse Events

Under the nationwide mega vaccination drive launched on January 16, a total of 4,319 (53 per cent) health workers against a target of 8,117 were administered the shots at 81 centres across the city on day one.

On Monday in Delhi, over 7,400 health care staff received COVID-19 vaccine shots as the inoculation drive picked up speed in the city, recording 91 per cent of the day’s turnout, officials said. The targeted vaccination number was 8,100 on January 25, they said.

“On January 25, 7,408 people were administered coronavirus vaccine, with a coverage span of 91.5 per cent. AEFI (adverse events following immunisation) was reported in 14 persons, all minor cases,” a senior official of the Delhi Health Department said.

Under the nationwide mega vaccination drive launched on January 16, on day one, a total of 4,319 (53 per cent) health workers were administered shots at 81 centres across the city against a target of 8,117.

The figures stood at 3,598 on the second scheduled day (44 per cent of the target). The sharp drop occurred after one serious case and 50 mild cases of adverse reactions were registered on the opening day of the vaccination campaign.

The count was much higher at 4,9366 on the third scheduled day (48 per cent).

On Monday, a senior doctor at RGSSH said the count was 110 at the Rajiv Gandhi Super Specialty Hospital, and 100 at the Delhi State Cancer Institute. Figures from other hospitals were planned.

All efforts are being made to raise faith in vaccine

Counselling sessions conducted over the past few days have helped to increase the number, the doctor said, adding Indian Medical Association (IMA) physicians have also helped to raise the morale of health care workers and remove hesitancy from their minds.

Various factors are due to low attendance in the early days, including certain technical problems and apprehensions linked to adverse events.

The district-wise distribution of a total of 16 AEFI cases on Monday was as follows:-Central Delhi (2), East Delhi (4), New Delhi (2), North Delhi (1), North East Delhi (0), North West Delhi (0), Shahdara (2), South Delhi (2), South East Delhi (0), South West Delhi (0) and West Delhi (1).

According to district-wise data shared by officials, 13 of the 14 minor cases of AEFI were registered at sites where Covishield shots were administered, and one at the centre where Covaxin shots were administered.

After a low turnout of health workers on the first two days of the COVID-19 vaccination campaign, Delhi Health Minister Satyendar Jain recently claimed that the exercise is voluntary and a matter of “personal decision” for people whether to take a shot or not, but all efforts are being made to raise their faith.

This is a voluntary activity, and people are taking their own decisions, as it is an initial step, he reiterated.

The vaccine is to be administered in Delhi on four scheduled days of the week—Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. It will not be given on Sundays except on the other two days of the week when extra daily vaccination work is carried out.

Oxford COVID-19 vaccine Covishield is administered at 75 centres, while Bharat Biotech-made Covaxin is administered at the remaining six facilities.

The Delhi Government has taken steps such as counselling and formal phone calls to improve the number of health workers who show up for COVID-19 vaccine shots.

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