Covid-19: Outstation Patients In Very Sick Condition Could Be Reason For High Fatalities In Delhi

Days after issuing the order to revoke home isolation of Covid-19 positive cases which either age above 60 or suffer from comorbidities, the district administration of Southwest (SW) Delhi has now withdrawn it with immediate effect.

The national capital reported 46 Covid-19 deaths on Saturday, the highest in over 70 days, and more than 40 Covid-19 fatalities for the second straight day on Sunday which also saw 3,292 infections added in the city, taking the tally to 271,114.

This is the highest number of deaths reported in a day since July 16, when the city recorded 58 fatalities.

Outstation patients being brought to Delhi in “very sick state” for treatment, and “time-lapse” in transferring to hospital home quarantined persons whose health has deteriorated, could be among the factors behind the high number of Covid-19 fatalities recorded here in the last few days, say experts.

Doctors at leading government facilities and private hospitals in Delhi on Sunday also concurred that the deaths being reported now are “mostly of patients aged 60 and above with co-morbidities”.

Covid-19 cases have shown a surge since the beginning of this month with September 16 recording 4,473 cases, the highest single-day spike here to date.

From September 9-19, fresh cases were recorded in excess of 4,000 per day except on September 14 when the figure stood at 3,229 with 26 deaths being recorded that day, according to official data.

However, since September 20, fresh cases have remained below the 4,000-mark. The daily fatalities count from September 15-24 was recorded in excess of 30 on all days. Only on September 25, it stood at 24, jumping again to 46 the next day.

Also, the seven-day average of daily Covid-19 cases in India has been gradually declining for nine consecutive days from September 17-26. The first time, such a phase of continuous fall has been recorded since the outbreak of the pandemic, according to a report which cites data from European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC).

Dr. B L Sherwal, Medical Director, Rajiv Gandhi Super Speciality Hospital, said the fall in the number of daily cases in the last week is a “very healthy trend” and emphasized that “a lot has been learned about the behavior of the virus” since the outbreak.

“The number of deaths being reported in excess of 30 in the past few days or 46 yesterday, can be attributed to two major reasons — most of the patients who are dying are in the 60s, 70s, 80s or 90s, and the victims are mostly those who had co-morbidities,” he told.

“Also, a large number of patients coming to Delhi are from neighboring cities or states and are being brought in a very sick condition, so again the survival rate is low,” Sherwal said when asked why death cases are rising when daily cases are now falling.

At RGSSH, out of the total 500 beds, 400 are for ICU and HDU patients, and 162 beds in the ICU are occupied, he said.

South West Delhi withdraws order revoking home isolation of Covid-19 cases in patients above 60

Days after issuing the order to revoke home isolation of Covid-19 positive cases for people above 60 or those who suffer from comorbidities, the district administration of Southwest (SW) Delhi withdrew it with immediate effect on Sunday.

“Order no. ADM/Sw/Misc/2020-21/42829/ dated 21.9.2020 issued by this office is hereby withdrawn with immediate effect and guidelines in this regard to home isolation as issued by DGHS from time to time shall be followed by all medical officers in South West district,” the latest order read.

Earlier, the district administration of SW Delhi, in its order dated September 21, had stated all sub-divisional magistrates (SDM), medical officers, and local police to ensure admission of Covid patients from the area aging above 60 or having co-morbid condition into COVID Care Centres.

“It has been desired that all Covid positive cases which are either above sixty-plus of the age or having comorbidities shall be mandatorily shifted to COVID Care Centres,” the order had stated.

The order was issued by Southwest Delhi Additional District Magistrate Rakesh Dahiya.

The order directed all SDMs of the district, a medical officer in charge (MOIC), and local police to ensure the compliance of the directions. “Non-compliance of the order shall be viewed seriously,” it had cautioned.

The order copy also stated that it was issued with the prior approval from Southwest Delhi District Magistrate Rahul Singh.

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