Opted For Coloured Hair? Few Tips To Bear In Mind Before And After Application

Dr Viral Desai, Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon

Getting your hair coloured at the salon is a transformative makeover process, giving you a new look. So go ahead and colour your tresses without any stress.

Before colouring your hair:

1. Choosing the right colour

• It is important to stay within two or three tones of your natural hair colour.

• Lighter colours will require you to bleach your hair, which can be damaging to the hair

• Darker shades suit the Indian skin and hair tones better.

• Colour can also be temporary, semi-permanent or permanent.

2. Hair care before colouring

• Avoid shampooing, as this can strip off your natural oils

• Apply a deep conditioning hair mask a day or two prior to the colouring

3. Get a patch test done

• Do a patch test on a small area to check if you are sensitive or allergic to the colour.

4. Opt for ammonia free hair colour

• Hair colouring is a chemical reaction in which one or more chemicals such as ammonia in the hair colour act as a swelling agent for the hair cuticle.

• Ammonia disturbs the pH balance of the hair and also causes moisture and protein loss from the hair.

• Ammonia, an alkaline chemical, raises the pH level of the hair during the colouring process.

• This lifts the cuticles of the hair fibre and deposits the colour into the cortex which is the inner part of the hair protected by the cuticles.

• Ammonia also lightens the hair’s natural pigment so it can be re-coloured.

• Nowadays ammonia free formulation are available which are gentler on the hair.

After colouring your hair:

1. Immediately after colouring

• Wait for atleast 48 hours before you wash your hair, to help the colour lock in

• This hair wash is essential to remove buildup of excess product.

2. Hair care regime

• After colouring your hair, it is best to use shampoos, conditioners and other hair care products that would help lock the colour in and keep it intact.

• A weekly hair mask and hair pack is vital

• For vibrant colours like red or burgundy, which bleed faster, opt for a shampoo and conditioner with special pigments that help retain the vibrancy of the colours.

• After bleaching of hair, use good quality anti frizz shampoos to prevent dryness of hair.

3. For gloss and shine

• Use shine enhancing hair styling products such as smoothing shine

• Use good quality colour gloss serums or get a glossing treatment done at the salon.

4. Stay committed to colouring

• As your hair colour fades, repeat the process.

• Opt for low maintenance hair colour at home, if frequent trips to the salon are not possible for you.




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