One Of Its Kind Online Weekly Health Show Launched To Address Post-COVID Health Challenges And Bring Wellness Through Awareness

Considering addressing the increasing need for health and wellness and the post-COVID health challenges, HEAL Foundation has launched ‘Health4All Online’, one-of-its-kind weekly health show every Sunday starting from 17th October 2021

Considering addressing the increasing need for health and wellness and the post-COVID health challenges, HEAL Foundation has launched ‘Health4All Online’, one-of-its-kind weekly health show every Sunday starting from 17th October 2021. This meticulously designed ‘Weekly Health Show’ is to be held in customized health sessions, which aims to bring wellness through awareness. This show is sponsored by Mylan Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. – A Viatris Company.

While throwing light on the changing state of variants and the vaccines at the inaugural session of ‘Health4All Online’ Weekly Health Show to be brought by the HEAL Foundation, Guest of Honour and eminent scientist, Prof G Padmanaban, Padma Bhushan, Former Director, IISc, President NASI, Chancellor CUTN, said, “There are two variants of COVID virus – Variant of Concern (VoC) and Variant of Action (VoA). And scientists believe that the Delta variant is the variant of concern, which is not so severe. But vaccines are essential because they protects us and the severity of diseases is also prevented.”

Prof Padmanaban further added, “As far as the variants are concerned, the Delta variant is not the end of the story. The larger question is – do we have the vaccine for every variant being created? Perhaps not. Thus, I feel that by the middle of next year, India may need the third dose of vaccine. But the more important vaccine is wearing the mask. There is a 100% guarantee that if you wear the mask, you will be protected. Wearing a two-layered mask guarantees 70% of protection from the virus. Therefore, awareness plays a key role in protecting the people. And the wonderful initiative ‘Health4All Online’ weekly health show being started by the HEAL Foundation in bringing awareness about health and wellness in the masses is commendable.”

“We work for healthcare improvements through various programmes to bring health impacts in the society. Last year, we started COVID Fighters Public Health Safety Movement since the outbreak of COVID in India to bring education and awareness to the masses, which has completed its 500 days and ceaselessly going on. The key learnings of the movement were the abundance of misinformation, disinformation around, and the lack of information in the masses from credible sources. Our various healthcare experts are credible sources for health information. To bring health awareness through experts, we have all set to start ‘Health4All Online’ weekly health show from 17th October with the support of ‘Viatris Pharma’. The three hours show will cover preventive health & wellness issues, comorbidities, and various other health issues with respective experts. Weekly Health Round-up capsule and a special session on food and nutrition will also be the part of the show,” says Dr Swadeep Srivastava, Founder HEAL Foundation & HEAL Health.

Special Guest at the inaugural session, Ajay Bhatia, Vice President, Head of India Commercial, Viatris, said, “The pandemic has brought lots of problems in the lives of people. Now everyone has turned health conscious and they are looking for health solutions. Hence, it becomes important to spread post-pandemic awareness amongst the masses, wherein the upcoming weekly health show – ‘Health4All Online’ being brought by the HEAL Foundation is the need of the hour. Through this show, we expect to reach out to the majority to address their post-COVID health & wellness needs.”

Mr Naresh Hasija, Vice President, Head of Public Health Business, India Commercial, Viatris, said, “There should be more focus on prevention and awareness as we have been passing through the post-pandemic era. Now, we should move from illness to wellness. I thank HEAL Foundation for setting the stage for this fantastic initiative – ‘Health4All Online’ weekly health show. This weekly health show is supposed to bring wellness through awareness to the lives of millions of people.”

Speaking at the inaugural session of ‘Health4All Online’ Weekly Health Show, Special Guest, Prof K Srinath Reddy, Padma Bhushan, President, Public Health Foundation of India (PHFI), said, “Whether it is COVID pandemic or day-to-day health problems we encounter, many of us will require adequate knowledge to prevent, counter and manage the health problems effectively. Therefore, enhancing health literacy is vital. Firstly, it develops an individual’s awareness to enable them to promote and preserve the health of the family and the community. Wearing a mask, maintaining physical distancing and the right kind of nutrition are required to be followed. We need participatory healthcare where people partner with public health to secure solidarity at national and global levels, and for that, we need to dispel the myths, counter the fake news and promote the right kind of health and nutrition literacy.”

The august inauguration of ‘Health4All Online’ weekly health show saw the participation of a galaxy of India’s top public health experts from across the healthcare spectrum. They lauded this sought-after initiative – ‘Wellness through Awareness’ and committed to supporting this to make it a grand success to bring health & wellness to society. Some of the distinguished dignitaries were: Dr Harsh Mahajan, President, NATHEALTH, Dr Sushil Kumar Vimal, Deputy Commissioner, National Urban Health Mission, Dipak Shukla, CEO, PSRI Hospital, Dr Hrishikesh Pai, President-Elect, FOGSI, Dr D S Rana, Chairman Board of Management, Sir Gangaram Hospital, Dr Aloke Mullick, Group CEO – OMNI Hospitals, Hyderabad, Dr Sanjay Kumar Rai, President, IPHA, Prof Dr Amitav Banerjee, Professor & Head of Community Medicine, Dr DY Patil Medical College, Pune, Dr H K Chopra, Former President, Cardiological Society of India, Mr Rajiv Nath, Managing Director, Hindustan Syringes & Medical Devices Ltd. & Forum Coordinator, AiMed and Dr Chandrakant S Pandav, Padma Shri, Global Public Health Expert, President, ICCIDD.

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