One Death Every 12 Hours Due to Drug Overdose, Reports NCRB

New Delhi, Janaury 12- The recently released National Crime Records Bureau data has made some shocking revelations about drug abuse and the adverse impact it has on youths.

The data aims that one juvenile dies every 10 days on an average due to drug overdose which is 5% of the total lives claimed by drugs in India.

The report says that one person dies every 12 hours due to drug abuse. The numbers reveal that in the year 2018, drugs claimed the lives of 875 people where as in 2017, 745 people died to due drugs overdose. Hence, from 2017-18, there was a 17% rise in deaths.

The report names five states which tops the list of drug abuse related deaths.

With 153 deaths, Rajasthan has the worst record. It is followed by Karnataka with 91 deaths, Uttar Pradesh with 88, Haryana with 86 and Punjab having 78 deaths to show.

Besides these states, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and Gujarat have also been mentioned which have high states with high number of cases of drug-related deaths.

The total number of deaths in all the five states is 496, which more than half of 875 deaths across the country. 40 of them were minors.

Agewise, most of the victims who died were found to be between 30 and 45 years. They accounted for a total of 833 of 2,398 deaths. Between the age group of 18-30 years, there were 616 deaths reported and 570 deaths fell in the group of 45-60 years.

The report further states that a total of 2,938 people died of drug overdose between Janaury 1, 2016 and December 31, 2018, of whom 126 deaths were reported to be below the age of 18.

Despite having over 500 centres for rehabilitation and de-addiction which brings the addicts back to a healthy life, many psychiatrists and activists have consistently maintained that the mammoth problem cannot be solved unless we stop the flow and supply of drugs.

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