Now, you can Monitor Blood Sugar, Creatinine & Cholesterol With one Strip

IIT-K develops unique device for blood sugar, Creatinine & Cholesterol

New Delhi: The scientists from Indian Institute of Technology – Kanpur (IIT-K) has developed an electrode strip which will show the level of blood sugar, creatinine and cholesterol.

In next 3-6 months, this device will be available in market and would be cheaper and time saving.

Dr Nishith Verma of IIT-Kanpur’s Chemical Department has claimed that no strips like this has been developed across the globe so far.

He also said that several companies are showing interest and in next 3-6 months it will be launched in the market.

Presently, strip to ascertain the blood sugar level is available in the market. For other types of test, one has to go to pathologist.

Besides Dr Verma, PhD and M.Tech students Pallab Kumar and Surbhi Srivastava worked hard for 3 years in developing this device.

“Initially, we had put separate sensor in different strip. Later, we decided to put all 3 sensors in one strip. It took one year to complete this task,” he added.

Dr Verma also said that a company from Netherlands is in touch for its manufacturing.

He also added works are on to add more sensors so that other forms of diseases could be ascertained.

Patent right has been filed on February 6.

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