No Reason To Panic ‘If Oxygen Level Is 92 to 94%’ : AIIMS Director On Oxygen Misuse In Covid Treatment

AIIMS director Dr. Randeep Guleria has said, even if one’s oxygen saturation level is 92 to 94 percent there may not any reason to panic.

In a webinar on oxygen therapy for Covid-19 treatment, organised by AIIMS, experts on Wednesday emphasised that oxygen therapy is more important than ventilation because people on oxygen therapy can be brought back to life. But saving oxygen and not overusing it is equally important at the same time.

They mentioned if someone’s oxygen saturation is around 95 percent, trying to bring that to 98 or 99 percent is futile.

“If your oxygen saturation level is around 94 percent, it means there is sufficient oxygen in your body. Previously when we used to do prolonged oxygen therapy for people with lung diseases, we have seen people doing fine in oxygen saturation of even 88 percent. Oxygen saturation of 92 or 93 should not be considered critical. But this is a buffer level when you can seek medical help without panicking,” Dr. Guleria said.

According to experts, it is very important to check the oxygen saturation after every 15 minutes, and only when there is a constant drop at the level you must consult a doctor, but not when there is a one-off dip in the measurement as the reading may depend on the posture too.

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