No More Institutional Quarantine For UK Flyers Testing Covid Negative In Delhi

Amid the concerns about a mutant fast-spreading strain of the coronavirus that emerged in Britain the decision was taken by the Delhi government

Delhi government announced today that passengers arriving from the UK will not be sent to to mandatory institutional quarantine if they test negative for coronavirus.

The passengers who test negative after the RT-PCR test will now have to be home quarantined only for 14 days.

Earlier, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal had announced a seven-day mandatory institutional quarantine for UK passengers followed by a seven-day home quarantine after flights from Britain resumed after a two-week ban earlier this month.

The decision was taken by the Delhi government amid the concerns about a mutant fast-spreading strain of the coronavirus that emerged in Britain.

“To protect Delhiites from exposure to virus from UK, Delhi government takes important decisions. All those arriving from UK, who test positive will be isolated in an isolation facility. Negative ones will be taken to a quarantine facility for seven days followed by 7 days home quarantine,” Arvind Kejriwal had tweeted.

On December 23 the central government had suspended services between the two countries over the new and more contagious strain of the virus. Many major European countries like France, Spain and Germany had also extended the ban.

Earlier, Mr Kejriwal had recommended the Centre government to extend the flights ban till January 31 because of the “extremely serious” COVID situation in the UK.

The government has also released SOPs for the passengers from the UK, to take self-paid COVID-19 tests on arrival.

Passengers also must carry COVID-19 negative reports from a test done 72 hours before their journey. They have to quarantine themselves for 14 days even if their test is negative on arrival, a rule that is now in sync with the Delhi government.

Seven days of institutional quarantine and seven days of home isolation for passengers from the UK had been declared by the Maharashtra government.

93 people have tested positive at labs in Delhi for the mutant UK strain of the virus. In India, the total infection for the UK strain is at 166.

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