NCRB Data: With One Death Every Hour, 12,936 Unemployed People Committed Suicide in 2018

New Delhi, January 14-For those who think on the lines of ‘sab changa si’ (everything is alright) in terms of jobs and employment generation in the country, the alarming data in suicide deaths due to unemployment published by National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) is sufficient for a wake up call for them.

According to the data revealed in ‘Suicides in India 2018’ by NCRB, which reports to Ministry of Home Affairs, one unemployed person committed suicide every hour during 2018, as per a sport published in India Today.

The shocking figures in the report says that the number of unemployed persons committing suicide reached 12,936 in the year 2018 out of the 1,34, 516, the total number of suicides that year.

This, the suicide by unemployed people accounts for 9.6 per cent in of the total suicides figure in 2018. Also revealed by the data was the fact that in the year 2017, the number of suicides by unemployed people surpassed the figure of suicides committed by farmers.

However, in 2016, the number of farmers committing suicide was slightly more than the unemployed people. While the figure for farmers was 11,379, the figure for the unemployed persons taking their own lives was at 11,173.

The farmers suicide percentage is 7.7 with 10,349 suicide cases. The data also shows that males have committed more suicides than females. While number of deaths from suicides in the males is 10, 687, the female count is at 2,249.

Among the states, Kerela leads with the highest number of suicide deaths-1,585 out of 12,936, which 12.3% of total suicides. Kerela is followed by Tamil Nadu (1,579 or 12.2 per cent 12.2%), Maharashtra (1,260 suicides or 9.7%), Karnataka (1,094 or 8.5%) and Uttar Pradesh (902 or 7%).

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