Navratri Diet Plan: Effective ways of weight loss by Mr Satkam Divya, CEO, KlinicApp

The Ecstasy Of Celebrating the Tradition

Navratri is the pious time of the year when we dedicate nine nights to the nine eternal forms of The Goddess Durga, the personification of Pure Energy of this Universe. We kneel before her to obtain her blessings in the form of energy to run our lives in a blissful manner and obtain precision and success in our work.

Navratre arrives in our lives to fill us with happiness, as we realize the power of piety and simplicity while strengthening our bonds with the epitome of feminine power, our Goddess Durga. India is no doubt a land of variety, which gives us all the more reason to celebrate, that too, fortunately, twice a year.

The Navratri Diet

Our favorite festival is known for its minimalism and purity, which ultimately leaks so positively into our food habits. If only we stayed true to this diet for the rest of the year, life would be much simpler and healthier, but being the incorrigible unhealthy couch potatoes that we are, let us stay content with these nine days twice a year.

Weight loss is an integral part of the health plan when it comes to people who harbor diseases due to increased weight. Let us keep a healthy attitude, a positive body image and not being fixated on the ultimate thinness because The Goddess Shakti would want us, women, to feel empowered, and not being worried about our bodies constantly. Weight loss is necessary when it comes to Hypothyroidism, Hyperlipidemia and Morbid Obesity, and needless to say, Diabetes and Hypertension. What could be better than the ultimate Navratri diet to complement our body with nutrition and love that it deserves to provide us with a healthy abode to spend our life comfortably!

The Constituents

Since we use very basic ingredients to nourish our bodies and souls during the Navratri, these work magic on us. Ingredients are:

Fresh fruits and vegetables: the stuff that would provide us with fiber to regulate our bowel movement, thus keeping our guts healthy. Actually, due to the bulk they possess, these keep us satisfied for a longer time, thus leading to a healthy suppression of hunger pangs and off our calorie-rich diet. Also, a lot of vitamin and mineral deficiency can only be corrected with the adequate intake of these dietary pearls called fruits and vegetables, with is a bonus along with weight loss and regulation of Blood Pressure and Lipids in a body.

  • Sabudana, or Sago as the English like to call it, is another great simple food.
  • Samak Chawal can also be taken by Diabetics.
  • Milk, our all-time favorite and the most nourishing thing on Earth according to mothers! In fact, most adults do not take enough quantity of milk, for baffling reasons, and neither do they bask in the glorious rays of sun enough to have enough vitamin D in their bodies. The result is that most of us are really deficient in vitamin D, close to dangerous levels, and Calcium too.  So, take enough milk in your diet, because mothers are never wrong!
  • Curd: the tastiest of all sources of Calcium, we have to vote for curd for the king of Navratre food. It is great for weight reduction and fulfills our cravings like magic, and hence, is a must-have. Moreover, it has excellent properties of containing the good probiotic bacteria that give us the gift of a healthy gut and boosts our immunity.
  • Singhara Flour (BuckWheat Flour): the low in calorie king of an ingredient that is famed for weight loss seems like an absolute gift from the Goddess itself!

So, keep on having faith and eating healthy this Navratri. Jai Ambe!

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