National Hair Day 2021: Does Hair Transplant Work After Chemo

Hair loss is a common consequence of chemotherapy sessions. The success of hair transplant procedures depends on the donor area and results vary from person to person, says Dr. Neelima Ravipaty at Kosmoderma Skin Hair Body Clinics. An expert dermatologist or trichologist examines and recommends the hair transplant procedure for cancer-fighting patients.

Dr. Neelima Ravipati heads Kosmohair, a vertical of Kosmoderma Clinics. She is an MBBS, MD, FRGUHS post graduate with more than eight years of experience as a renowned trichologist in the healthcare industry.

Hair usually grows back to a certain extent after chemo sessions. To promote faster hair growth, patients can take oral supplements, undergo growth factor therapy along with few topical hair growth promoting lotions. “Radiation therapy along with chemotherapy can result in permanent hair loss in some individuals. Test grafting ensures the sustainability of transplant”, Kosmohead said.

Radiation can cause patchy hair loss in the exposed area. Test grafting involves planting hair in the targeted area by borrowing from other parts of the body. What if there is not a donor area in the body? The chances are slim because radiation is a local treatment. But chemotherapy exposes the entire body to cancer-fighting chemicals.

Once the test grafting is successful, clients can opt for hair transplant followed by PRP, Hair Zone Injections, Growth Factor Therapy, or advanced PRP. Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) treatment involves injecting growth factors derived from one’s own blood into the targeted areas to reactivate hair growth. “PRP might work well for post-chemotherapy clients,” Dr. Neelima Ravipati added.

Chemo patients can go with Growth Factor Therapy, abbreviated GFT, to accelerate hair growth. The technique involves isolating growth factors either from plant-based enzymes, clients own blood or autologous fat and injecting them into the scalp. Kosmohead also emphasized the necessity for curating a personalized hair regrowth regime for clients focusing on nutrition for long-lasting results.

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