‘Yoga makes you strong from within’ says Shilpa Shukla

Shilpa Shukla:

Regarding health & fitness I have found different kind of routines at different points in my life . From swimming to martial arts to cardio to dance, there is no end to finding a release of the body by the way of breaking it down beautifully and intending to arrive at an equilibrium. It’s no surprise that equilibrium means a kind meeting …peace, beyond body & mind and so when Yoga comes into someone’s life it usually comes after lot of shopping for equilibrium. Yoga , the union with the inner map of your body through breath , its awareness and control & effortlessness. Once I joined a Yoga class where we were asked to fill forms with a very significant question for the beginner ” what is your purpose for doing it?”

My first knowledge about Yoga came through our grand parents. One of the longest living ones at 85 or so meets me after a couple of bouts of old age admissions into the hospital . After finishing his yoga routine which he has been following for more that fix or six decades . He comes out of the room of his Home &  with a smile he says ” people see the body, that may appear weak. But Yoga makes you strong from within .”

The breath, I guess.

I have particularly been fond of Yoga classes by travis on YouTube . It’s a one hour routine. And I urge everyone to follow an hour of it to see how we can surprise our Self by making it quiet ,
as we dive deep into these postures that provide the much needed grounding in today’s & forever fast moving world.

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