My Disability Couldn’t Be An Excuse To Not Make Anything Substantial Out Of My Life: Priya Bhargava

The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson

Whatever challenges life throws at you, you should take it as an opportunity and put in all your energy and resources to over it and come out triumphant.

A live example of a person who is living this quote is Priya Bhargava.

She was only 19 and studying for her first year in Physiotherapy when she was diagnosed with ‘Systemic Lupus Erythematosus.’

It is an incurable autoimmune disease. It rendered her wheelchair-bound for life.

But she refused to be defined by her disability. She took it as a challenge. She has got a strong and resilient personality.

Despite the illness, despite her disability, she was able to challenge the popular beauty standards. Through her sheer willpower, she was able to force people to look beyond a person’s disability.

“My disability couldn’t be an excuse to not make anything substantial out of my life,” she once said.

She won the coveted Miss India Wheelchair title in 2015. Her life has been a roller coaster ride since she was diagnosed with the crippling disease. She had seen a lot of pain by losing a career. She lost her mindfulness. She started hallucinating. Yes, you heard it right. She had suffered from clinical depression. Schizophrenia is not uncommon for those who have been diagnosed with an incurable disease. She had lost everything — her career, her dream.

She was hopeless. But then, she also realized that we should not cry for what we don’t have. She started dreaming a new dream. She experimented with her hobbies, did lots of other things as well.

In an exclusive interaction with HealthWire, Priya Bhargava talks about her diseases, treatment, her struggles, and her hard-earned success that can be a great source of inspiration for many women like her.

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