Mother Saves Her 14-Year Old Son With Chronic Kidney Disease By Donating A Kidney

After learning about Nishanth's condition, their relative in Navi Mumbai suggested that they bring their son to Apollo Hospitals Navi Mumbai.

14-year-old Nishanth Kumar, suffering from a chronic kidney condition, received the greatest gift of life from his mother, Gunjan Kumari, a new lease of life.

It is true that women do show a large heart when it comes to donating organs to save the lives of their loved ones Statistics with over 80% of women being living organ donors is proof that they do have a big heart and do not hesitate to give someone a chance at living and breathing again. The story of Nishanth Kumar and his mother Gunjan Kumari is a testament to the same.

The young boy hailing from Jharkhand developed seizures followed by swelling all over his body on November 10, 2020. Following a consultation with a local doctor in Dhanbaug, it was revealed to the family that their son was diagnosed with a chronic kidney disease. Owing to the stressful situation, the family started contacting all their relatives, including one residing in Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra.

After learning about Nishanth’s condition, their relative in Navi Mumbai suggested that they bring their son to Apollo Hospitals Navi Mumbai for a consultation. A detailed clinical examination conducted by Dr. Ravindra Nikalji, Consultant Nephrology and Dr. Amol Kumar Patil, Consultant Robotic Urology and Kidney Transplant Surgery, the family learnt about the dire need of their son to undergo kidney transplantation.

On further evaluation, it was realised that Gunjan Kumari, the mother of the patient, was a suitable donor. A kidney transplant surgery scheduled, performed by Dr AmolKumar Patil, Kidney Transplant Surgeon, supported by Dr Ravindra Nikalji and Dr Amit Langote (Kidney Transplant Physicians) and a team of specialists.

On the same, donor Gunjan Kumari quoted, “The news of my son’s kidney condition was truly devastating. We had trouble processing it and did not know where to seek help from. After

learning that I was the perfect match for kidney donation, there was no hesitation to say yes and go ahead with the kidney transplantation surgery. Giving my son a new lease on life feels incredible and I am happy that the surgery was such a success. It is truly miraculous that I have been able to provide my son with such a gift.”

Dr. Ravindra Nikalji, Consultant, Nephrology, Apollo Hospitals, Navi Mumbai, “Nishanth’s case with his mother being the living organ donor is proof of a woman’s resilience and going to extreme limits to do anything for their family. We conducted tests and realised that he needed a kidney transplant. As we conducted regular dialysis on the patient, it became imperative that he needed a kidney transplant. On clinical evaluation, the mother was found to be a suitable donor. Following a successful kidney transplant surgery, both, the donor and the patient are in good health. “

Further, Dr. Amol Kumar Patil, Consultant, Robotic Urology & Kidney Transplant Surgeon, Apollo Hospitals, Navi Mumbai, explained, “Due to progressively worsening renal function, we initiated haemodialysis in December for the patient. While he was on dialysis twice a week, we also advised for a renal transplant. His young mother, Mrs. Gunjan Kumari came forward as a voluntary kidney donor and was a suitable match. The entire team carried a   successful renal transplant. He recovered well with normal kidney function and was discharged with normal creatinine. “

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