Most Indians Feel Common Man’s Quality of Life Deteriorated in 2020

Around 25.8 per cent feel that common man's quality of life would continue to deteriorate in the next one year, while 21.7 per cent think that it would remain the same.

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As the coronavirus pandemic has ravaged the economy and people’s livelihoods, the IANS-CVoter survey showed that almost 50% of Indians feel that the standard of life of a common man has declined over the past year.

Approximately 48.4 per cent of respondents thought that the quality of life of a common man had “deteriorated” and 21.3 per cent felt that it had remained the same.

On the other hand, 28.8% of respondents said that the quality of life has actually improved over the last year of the pandemic.

The novel coronavirus pandemic triggered major chaos in the lives of a number of people, mainly from unorganized industries. However, all parts of the economic spectrum, including organized markets, have been seriously affected, leading to significant job losses and the closure of companies.

The unorganized sector has been hit more seriously and the lakhs of people have taken migration from urban centres to their rural homes in the midst of the lockdown.

However, the gradual lifting of the national lockdown by the government has somewhat eased the situation and most of the economic activities have returned to normal. A significant part of the society has yet to recover to a pre-emptive financial standard, and further measures are anticipated in the Union budget to be submitted to Parliament on Monday.

The survey also contained a question as to what Indians think of the potential prospects for quality of life, and 37.4% of respondents expect that this year will improve.

Approximately 25.8% fear that the standard of life of a common man will continue to deteriorate in the next year, although 21.7% assume that it will remain the same.

The sample size of the poll is 4,000 plus and the fieldwork for the survey was done in the third-fourth week of January 2021. The theme of the survey is “Expectations from the Union Budget”.

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