Mental Wellbeing: It Is More Than Just About Being Happy

By Payal Priyadarshini

Mental wellbeing is not just about being happy. It is something more. It involves the feeling of contentment, of enjoying the simple pleasures of life, of self-confidence, a sense of worth and high self – esteem. Mental happiness is more than just cheerfulness. Feeling of satisfaction, enjoyment, self- confidence and engagement with the world are all parts of mental health.

Status of Your Mental Fitness is Related to your Daily Routine

Additionally, the status of our mental fitness is directly related to your everyday routine and vice versa. There are some activities which really help in ensuring that our mental health is going on the right track. These activities can help in reducing mood swings, anxiety and stress.

  • Relaxing hobbies like Cooking, Painting & Dancing
  • Exercise Daily to get your ‘DOSE’ of Happy Hormones
  • Planned gateways
  • A good night’s sleep
  • Less intake of caffeine, nicotine, aerated & alcohol beverages.

There is also a great connection between mental health and stress. Everyone faces strain from time to time but the inability to manage pressure can cause the onset of cerebral health problems like depression or anxiety.

Stress Management

Stress comes from the inability to manage your own system. Here are some tips on how to manage your stress:

  • Count your blessings everyday
  • Laugh – if you are willing every moment can be fantastic.
  • Ensure you eat well – Fish or Flaxseeds are few foods which are known to release Omega 3 fatty oils and are known to improve mental health
  • Listen to music – It helps in calming you down and is simple stress buster
  • Learn a new skill – This keeps your mind engaged and helps increase your self-esteem
  • Maintain social connection – Have friends to share your live with. This increases your worthiness and increases your ability to face more challenges positively.
  • Derive simple pleasure from sunrise, sunsets, inhaling the fragrance of flowers etc

Our mental wellbeing involves not just living for ourselves but also for others. Savour and live each moment with friends and family. Feed birds, have pets, spend time with kids. Remember compassion is not about kindness but it is an all-inclusive passion. Last but not the least, the best thing you can do for your family, your children, society and the world around you is to enhance yourself and it start with staying happy.

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