Mental Health – Importance & Cure

If you’re experiencing a change in your thoughts, behavior or moods that is interfering with your work or relationships for longer than 2 weeks, you may have a mental health condition. The symptoms of a mental health condition can include extreme anxiety most of the times, feeling of hopelessness about everything, or drug/alcohol abuse.

Mental health problems affect women and men usually but some are more common in women. Abuse is often a factor in women’s mental problems. The pattern of psychological distress and psychiatric disorder among women are different from those seen among men. Women have a higher level of mean internalizing disorders while men shows a higher level of mean externalizing disorders.

Mental health typically is not considered a topic that is funny. Certainly people with mental illness have been victims of ridicule but much to all irony; comedy itself provide as the best cure for mental illness.

The combination of comedy and mental illness may not be so controversial as it sounds at first. As often, people diagnosed are able to relate their vulnerabilities with the humor or comedy underlying, they not only feel joyful & relieved but a boost to their confidence leads to a decrease in self pity. And this is the basic foreground to cure the illness. Comedy here act as a natural boost to this recovery.

The intake of comedy varies from watching comedy television series, movies, stand up comedy shows or just hanging out with friends and peer groups involving humor & light talks.

With the changes in social order globally, women are becoming more empowered than before but vulnerabilities are more than ever. Thus maintaining a proper mental health is not just healthy but essential for this environment to move on.

So ladies, Stay happy & keep smiling..


Written by : Apurva Arora

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