Medical Devices Sector Seeks Government Support In Ensuring Supply Of Essential Medical Equipment

World is experiencing an unprecedented global pandemic. It has brought many challenges for countries like India. The Healthcare sector is at the epicentre of this challenge, and the private sector has risen to the occasion, by offering to the Government all the support it needs, be it testing support, preparing isolation beds for the treatment of COVID-19 positive patients or deploying equipment and staff in identified nodal hospitals.

Now, private sector is seeking government support in ensuring supply of essential medical equipment.

“FICCI has been closely monitoring the situation and working alongside the healthcare sector to help remove any bottlenecks that could impede timely delivery of screening and treatment which is extremely critical to ensure that hospitals get timely medical supplies. Industry has put aside all thoughts of risk to self, staff and organisation and have risen to the occasion,” Mr Badhri Iyengar, Chair, FICCI Medical Devices Committee and Cluster Managing Director – South Asia (SAARC) & South East Asia (ASEAN), Smith & Nephew

Medical devices sectors come under essential services, and are playing a critical role in ensuring that hospitals are fully equipped on the ground, however, there have been many instances where frontline medical professionals face stiff resistance to their discharge of duties, sometimes violently by certain sections of frontline law enforcement officials.

“At a time when government and industry need to join hands and collaborate to ensure we tide over these critical times, industry too seeks equal government support by ensuring the safety of these professionals who are doing a yeoman service risking their safety to ensure that the supplies reach the last mile and demand supply gap is met,” added Mr Iyengar.

FICCI has requested the Union Home Ministry to intervene in this matter, so that much-required medical services are rendered without disruption.

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