Max Institute Of Cancer Care, Shalimar Bagh Offers State-Of-The-Art Onco Center For Patients At Panipat

Panipat: North India’s leading healthcare provider, Max Institute of Cancer Care, Shalimar Bagh, shared details of its state-of-the-art, innovative and advanced cancer cente at a press briefing on Friday. This centre will ensure that cancer survivors and patients from Panipat and its neighbourhood have reduced time of travel to avail the best-in-class facilities and services.

The centre which was launched recently marks Max Healthcare’s expansion under this vertical in tier 2 cities. Present at the briefing were Dr Vineeta Goel, Associate Director, Radiation Oncology, Dr Archit Pandit, Senior Consultant & Clinical Administrator, Surgical Oncology and Dr Siddharth Sahai, Senior Consultant, Medical oncology from Shalimar Bagh unit.

The new centre offers comprehensive care, from diagnostics to treatment under medical, surgical and radiation techniques for cancer treatment, segregated under different “Disease Management Groups (DMG)”. The center also has the most advanced form of radiation technology to treat Cancer known as precision radiation. It helps in giving radiation to only the cancerous cells, sparing the adjoining tissues and organs.

The centre also has expertise to perform minimally invasive laparoscopic cancer surgeries where cancer surgeries are routinely performed with minimum cuts and blood loss offering a speedy recovery to the patients. It also has specialised units to provide immunotherapy, targeted therapy and personalised chemotherapy, depending on the treatment required. Patients with advanced cancers also find hope for post treatment and disease management with improved quality of life. With experts for each DMG- head and neck, gynecology, GI and thoracic, prostate, musculoskeletal and breast cancer, the centre aims to provide the best in class treatment to its patients.

Dr Vineeta Goel, Associate Director, Radiation Oncology, Max Institute of cancer Care, Shalimar Bagh, said, “Treatment of cancer is very much possible. All kinds of cancers are treatable. What as a doctor I must recommend is to be aware of symptoms. If your body is indicating any kind of changes, please listen to your body and consult a doctor immediately. Don’t be scared of any tests. Your early diagnosis can make your treatment fast & easier.”

Speaking about the launch, Dr Archit Pandit, Max Institute of cancer Care, Shalimar Bagh, added, “Cancer is a rapidly growing disease in both urban and rural India. Presently, there are more than a million cancer cases in India, and 17.3 lakh new cases of cancer are estimated to occur by 2020. For cancer patients, determination and the will to fight is half the battle won. Therefore, the thematic ambience has been tailored to be soothing and pleasant for the patients, and it is quite unlikely that any hospital in this neighbourhood has such facilities.”

Dr Siddhartha Sahai added “Max has been at the forefront of cancer treatment across North India for over a decade. We take pride in our dedicated teams of clinicians and the state-of-the-art infrastructure and medical facilities. This dedicated centre of cancer near Sonipat adds to our combined Oncology strength and we are sure that patients from across NCR region and Haryana and neighbouring cities and towns will benefit immensely.”

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