Max Hospital raises awareness about liver transplant on doctor’s day.

New Delhi: With a gathering of over 100 liver transplant recipients from across India, Delhi’s Max hospital on Monday celebrated Doctors Day and raised awareness about the medical procedure.


Max Healthcare, one of the leading healthcare providers in the country, during the event emphasized that people after liver transplants can lead a very healthy life and there was no reason to worry for the needy to undergo the procedure.


The event was organised by the Liver and Biliary Sciences team of Max healthcare led by Dr. Subhash Gupta, renowned liver transplant surgeon who pioneered liver transplant in India / South Asia over 20 years ago.


Select patients narrated their story of triumph over fatal life incidents as an inspiration to many others.


The event was graced by Bollywood actor, Chitrangada Singh who was surprised to see the quality of life after liver transplant and praised the excellent clinical work being done by Max Institution and congratulated the medical team.


Liver holds a crucial function in human anatomy and over the years, liver disease burden has gone up in India.


Changing lifestyle, obesity, increasing prevalence of diabetes, alcoholism are important contributors to this liver epidemic. Luckily there is an effective hepatitis B vaccine and a cure for Hepatitis C.


Liver failure is from severe deterioration of liver function when a large portion of the liver is damaged. Most of such cases are manageable if detected early and the patient consciously decides to follow the disciplined path but when you hit the end of the road and liver transplant is the only option left, then an experienced liver team will help you recover quickly.


A decade ago, ‘liver transplant’ was looked upon as an impossible and fearful form of surgery – but with technological advancements, skill upgradation, rising clinical expertise, improved infrastructure, global exposure and knowledge exchange and more and more live donors coming forth to save lives, a statement from the hospital said.


Subhash Gupta, Chairman – Liver and Biliary Sciences, Max Super Speciality Hospital, Saket said, “It is overwhelming to see so many old patients living a complete and healthy life after liver transplant. I would take this opportunity to request and urge people to pledge their organs after death so that more and more transplants can be donor”.


I also salute the spirit of these patients and more importantly, their families and friends who loved them enough to donate a part of themselves to save their lives.”


Chitrangada Singh, Bollywood Actress, said, “This meeting has been a pleasant surprise for me as I had thought that liver cirrhosis meant sure death. I am amazed to see how life returns to normal after transplantation. But perhaps it is more important to prevent liver disease by avoiding excessive alcohol, taking a balanced diet and by regular exercises”. ENDS

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