Manipal Hospitals Launches ‘Well Women Package’ To Prioritise Preventive Healthcare For Women

In an endeavour to prioritise preventive healthcare and make women aware of a healthy life, the city’s leading healthcare provider Manipal Hospitals, Dwarka today launched ‘The Well Women Package that aims at preventive measures for women. Celebrity chef Sanjeev Kapoor unveiled the Package and also provided tips for a healthy diet while demonstrating a quick recipe of a healthy salad on table every day.  Over 100 women from all walks of life participated in the event and availed the Package that will encourage them to focus on their wellness.

The event was organised to mark the International Women’s Day (March 8) and it also witnessed a brainstorming Panel discussion on ‘Healthy Diet= Healthy Women’ and survivors sharing their experience. Survivors who battled their health conditions shared their journey with life-threatening diseases and how they overcame the same was discussed which was indeed inspiring.

Dr Yugal K Mishra, Chief of Clinical Services & Head of Cardiac Sciences, Manipal Hospitals Dwarka, New Delhi said, “We have aligned ourselves with this year theme of International Women’s Day – ‘An equal world is an enabled world.’ We have specially created the Wellness Package for Women and it aims at prioritising preventive healthcare. We firmly believe that all is well when women are well in our family.” Women’s Health need to be dealt holistically. I strongly recommend women to go for regular check-ups and the government should also come out guidelines for their overall wellbeing. Today, we encourage them to pay attention to a healthy diet and that will make them healthy he added.

Celebrity Chef Sanjeev Kapoor while expressing concerns over the neglect of health by women and lack of adequate access to healthcare said, “It should remind all of us that a woman plays the numerous roles but at the same time she neglects her health. Lack of timely access or delay in treatment aggravates their problems. Hence women’s timely access to healthcare without any bias is a very critical issue and we urgently need to address this.’’

Dr Leena Sridhar, Consultant Obstetrics & Gynaecology said, Personal health takes a backseat for most women, with their hectic schedule of taking care of work, home, and all the people in their lives. This Women’s Day we should make a positive change and encourage them to make health a priority.

Survivor Anju Dua a lawyer & teacher by profession is a celebrated cancer survivor today. She is indeed a winner who overcame all the odds with sheer determination while she was diagnosed with breast cancer in July last year.

She said “when breast cancer was confirmed, I was lucky to have been detected at the right time. I did not even once lose hope as the cancer spread further and went for surgery followed by Chemotherapy and kept my determination to fight against the deadly C very optimistically. Early detection ensured proper treatment. With ups and downs, I beat all odds and today I am a survivor post 20 fractions of radiation. “Hang in there’ is my mantra’ said Anju Dua. I have realised that it is not simply “Mind over Matter but Mind Matters.”

Diet plays an important role not only to stay healthy also when you are fighting a critical disease. Family support system acts like great therapy and I was lucky to get it wholeheartedly. I would urge people who are suffering from such diseases to be patient and fight against all odds. It is not the end of the road but a journey to a whole new beginning. Happy Women’s Day to the brave hearts, she added.’’

‘The Well Women Package,’ Celebrity Chef’s food tips, Panel discussion on a healthy diet and survivors’ experience were the main takeaways from the event.

Senior experts recommend:

  • Focus on eating healthy foods of all varieties in moderate quantities.
  • Cut down on salt and sugar intake, fried foods and processed foods
  • Eat home-cooked meals as fresh food is richer in nutrients, antioxidants, vitamins and micro-nutrients when compared to preserved and packaged food
  • Exercise regularly
  • Women to go for routine medical screening tests once they have crossed 35 years of age.
  • Pelvic & Breast Examinations, Bone Density & Thyroid Tests, Lipid Profile, Diabetes Screening, Vitamin D Test and Heart-Health check-ups need to be done from time to time.
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