Manipal Hospital Heart Campaign Launch

Manipal Hospital, Dwarka Launches “Guardians of the Heart” Campaign to mark World Heart Day, Will Train Communities With CPRs and Basic Life Support


New Delhi, September 26–India’s leading healthcare provider Manipal Hospital today launched its campaign “Guardians of the Heart” on the occassion of World Heart Day which falls in September 29 every year.


With an aim to create ‘Heart Heroes’, under the campaign, the doctors will provide training of first response techniques during heart failure i.e. Cardio-Pulmonary Resustication (CPR) and Basic Life Support (BLS) for medical emergencies.


Presiding over the launch of the campaign was Dr. Yugal Kishore Mishra, Head of Cardiac Sciences and Chief Cardio Vascular Surgeon at Manipal Hospital, Dwarka. He threw light on major issues concerning heart diseases and the campaign to train communities to deal with emergencies.


“The way in which heart diseases are increasing is alarming and it was believed that by 2020 we will have become world capital of heart disease and that is we are seeing huge number of operation across many hospitals. So keeping that in mind, Manipal Hospital, a multi-specialty hospital started half a year ago in Dwarka with its 400 bed capacity, is committed to address the rising situation of heart diseases with its Emergency and Cardiology Department,” said Dr. Mishra.


I am the head of Cardiology department and Cardiac Sciences here. I have the experience of 27 years in the treatment of heart diseases and tested 75,000 patients. I had started seeing heart patients since 1991. I went to the society and organised community outreach program to study the spread of heart diseases. “he added while giving a brief about his career.


Talking about compulsions related to heart problems, Dr. Mishra said, “Usually when a patient suffers a heart ache, one has the tendency to hide from the family. The patient finds it awkward to wake up one’s family and even if one’s family is awake then the question is how are we going to get a heart specialist in the dead of the night. Studies have shown that 95% of patients having sudden cardiac arrests die on their way to.the hospital and 75% of those patients have cardiac arrests at their homes. Such are the compulsions of a heart patient where the time plays a very crucial part in saving a heart patient,” he said.


“Hence out motto here at Manipal is “Train the People in the Community” as that will lead to increased awareness about how to response to a cardiac arrest,” Dr. Mishra stressed.


“Under of our community training programme, we will train common people how to give CPRs and Basic Life Support (BLS) so that one handle a critical situation like a heart attack before the experts arrive. Not only this, we will also issue certificates to individuals participating in our community training. This will give common citizens the confidence is their ability to give the required life support to a patient,” Dr. Mishra announced.


“We plan to take this campaign forward to peripheral markets of New Delhi as well. We have expert cardiology team along with the latest innovative technology to handle all kinds of exigencies,” said Mr. Raman Bhaskar, Unit Head, Manipal Hospital Dwarka.


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