Malaika Arora Shows How You Can Unleash The Warrior Within You With This Yoga Asana

Bollywood Sass queen Malaika Arora is the only celebrity who keeps us inspired throughout with her undying commitment towards health and fitness. 

Bollywood Sass queen Malaika Arora is one of the few celebrities who keep us inspired with her undying commitment to health and fitness.

People desperately wait for Malaika’s ‘move of the week’ that she shares without any fail on every Monday. And this time, what caught our attention was her beautiful message dedicated to women.

Here’s what she writes in her latest Insta post:

“This week’s pose is dedicated to all the women out there. This Women’s Day, I would like all the women to flaunt the warriors they are. Let’s celebrate the existence of women and how strong they are, doing all the daily work from taking care of the family to making a difference at her workplace and always gracefully surpassing what is expected of her. More power to these warriors.”

She has shared the reverse warrior pose, also called viparita virabhadrasana. Malaika goes on to say that this pose allows for a “freer deeper breath as it opens the side body and chest, releasing all the tension in the muscles around the ribs.”

This asana also helps in strengthening the legs and enhances the mobility in the hips. The reverse warrior pose also increases the blood flow which helps in reducing fatigue and to calms the mind.

Here’s how to do the reverse warrior pose like Malaika Arora

  1. Start by getting into the warrior II pose with your right foot forward.
  2. Lean your upper body toward the mat and then put your right hand up towards the ceiling. Stretch it along with your right side.
  3. Your left hand should come down such that it rests lightly on the backside of your left thigh.
  4. Look up to the fingertips of your right hand.
  5. Hold for 5 breaths and then repeat the same thing for the other side.
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