Maatriyoga Eases Maternity Distress For Expecting Mothers

The yoga sessions are focused on ensuring maternal comfort, training to deal with labor pain and manage birth outcomes

Maatriyoga, a health & wellness center, has announced to offer digital services that will connect pregnant women with wellness providers.  The center offers a brand new way for women to receive overall support & guidance for Prenatal yoga, Postnatal yoga, Infertility yoga, required to lead a healthy life.

Envisioning a platform for women’s empowerment and promoting holistic well-being, the health center focuses on prioritizing self-care in pregnancy.

Its wellness services reinforce the commitment to support expectants and new mums, and infants in the first 1,000 days of life.

Commenting on the development, Dr. Kedar Nath, Director, Maatriyoga, says, “Ours is an agile, small-scale enterprise offering yoga classes at home and at our state-of-art-facility yoga centre situated in Gurgaon. We have a specialized team of professional yoga trainers with over 20+ years of experience.”

He further added, “We also have female yoga trainers especially for women.”

Yoga is considered an ancient form of exercise and considered the best for having a normal delivery. While refreshing the mind as well as body, the method gives elasticity and increases endurance which helps the woman through her pregnancy.

As per industry estimates, about 90% of women prepare themselves for normal delivery. However, only 65% of them are able to achieve this. There are factors, such as eating habits & overall wellbeing which hampers the natural delivery process. Yoga not just helps in the delivery of the baby naturally but also helps maintain the physical & mental well-being of the woman.

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