Love In The Time Of Coronavirus: Indians Are Willing To Go Out On Dates

Coronavirus pandemic has forced people to go in seclusion and disrupted businesses globally. But it has not been able to drag the spirit down of people looking for their soulmates. About every nine of ten people globally are willing to venture out during the outbreak for a date, according to dating platform OKCupid.

In India, about three-fourths of respondents said they would go out on a date despite the virus outbreak. An increasing number of millenials are turning to digital platforms like Tinder, OKCupid and Bumble to find friends and even life partners. While these platforms have been built on the foundation of matching people on various parameters, coronavirus outbreak is forcing a sort of social separation as people stay away from places like malls and cinema theatres.

How does one then turn digital chatting into real-life conversations?

  • According to OKCupid, about 74 per cent respondents in India said they are willing to go out on dates during the coronavirus outbreak.
  • About 77 per cent respondents in Japan, 71 per cent in South Korea and 97 per cent in Croatia aren’t averse to leaving their homes to find romance during the coronavirus outbreak.
  • Tinder users are being greeted with an in-app card offering tips on staying safe during the outbreak. ‘Wash your hands frequently’, ‘Carry hand sanitiser’, ‘Avoid touching your face’ and ‘Maintain social distance in public gatherings’ are some of the tips offered to users.
  • Interestingly, Bumble – another popular dating app that counts actor Priyanka Chopra as an investor – said its platform can provide a great outlet for those who may be concerned with meeting people in person. “
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