Long-Term Exposure to Air Pollution Can Cause Rapid Hair Fall

air pollution causing rapid hair loss

New Delhi, November 21-When you are breathing everyday in a toxic air, your skin can get severely affected as they are the first to come into contact with the pollutants. Since our skins have everything to do with our appearances, we still tend to take care of them through protective creams and lotions. However, when it comes to our hair, we are indifferent to it. There is hardly anything we do to protect our hair against pollution.

Your hair might be one the first things to get affected by smog and particulate matter. Poisonous gases, toxins, dust and soot in the air can potentially damage our scalp and can cause premature baldness.

According to a report published in The Independent, a study, funded by a South Korean company, was conducted recently, which involved exposing human follicle cells to fine dust particles using a scientific technique known as western blotting to detect the levels of proteins in the cells.

The researchers decreased levels of beta-catenin, a protein responsible for hair growth and follicle health.

Speaking to Healthwire, Dr. Himanshu Kumar, Dermatologist, ESIC Medical College and Hospital, Faridabad, said, “Air pollution can lead to increased oxidative stress by forming reactive oxygen species. This can cause multiple manifestations in the skin like premature aging, premature greying and loss of hair from scalp as many studies have shown this.”

Commenting on the research done by South Korean researchers, he said, “Long term exposure to pollution, aided by other factors, may decrease the level of a protein called beta-catenin which plays a major role in hair growth. It is also involved in maintaining follicles.

When exposed to toxins in the air, proteins like cyclin D1, cyclin E and CDK2, which are responsible for hair growth, are severely affected and could a sharp decrease.”

Preventive Measures

“Wash your hair regularly. Apply shampoo and herbal hair oil from time to time. Don’t procrastinate regarding the health of your hair especially when you have been to a dusty place as once the dust and toxic particles are settled, they begin doing the damage,” said Dr. Kumar on the preventive measures one should take to avoid hair fall.

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