Debina Bonnerjee’s Inspiring Pregnancy Yoga: Safe Practices and Benefits

In the post, the actress wrote about her experience in practising this asana and how her husband Gurmeet Choudhary helped her by keeping a watch.

Debina Bonnerjee's Inspiring Pregnancy Yoga: Safe Practices and Benefits
Debina Bonnerjee's Inspiring Pregnancy Yoga: Safe Practices and Benefits

Debina Bonnerjee’s Inspiring Pregnancy Yoga: Safe Practices and Benefits

Embracing Yoga in Pregnancy

Popular TV actress Debina Bonnerjee, currently in the third trimester of her pregnancy, recently amazed her fans with a captivating Instagram post. In the photo, she flawlessly executes a headstand yoga pose, showcasing her commitment to yoga during pregnancy.

Debina’s Yoga Journey

In her Instagram post, Debina shared her journey of practicing yoga during pregnancy and highlighted the support of her husband, Gurmeet Choudhary. She captioned the post with a motivational message: “When life turns you UPSIDE DOWN, simply adjust your view.” She clarified that she had a strong inversion practice before her pregnancy and that she continued it as long as it felt right for her.

Expert Insights on Prenatal Yoga

Dr. Sukeshini Ramteke, a Diet Consultant, Sports Physiotherapist, and Fitness Influencer at AXIS Hospital, offered her expert insights on practicing yoga during pregnancy. She recommended starting yoga during the second trimester, which is typically around the fifth month.

Frequency and Importance of Prenatal Yoga

Dr. Ramteke advised pregnant women to practice yoga about three times a week, emphasizing breathing exercises like Pranayama. These exercises assist in learning and maintaining correct breathing patterns, which can be beneficial for a normal delivery.

Safe Exercises During Pregnancy

Dr. Ramteke mentioned the “Lamaze” technique, which includes various breathing exercises and hip-opening postures like the butterfly pose. These exercises can contribute to a smoother pregnancy experience.

Signs to Stop Exercising

The expert highlighted the importance of recognizing signs that indicate it’s time to stop exercising during pregnancy. These signs include bleeding, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, headaches, and high blood pressure. Any of these symptoms should prompt an immediate halt to exercise.

Ensuring Safe Prenatal Yoga

Dr. Ramteke emphasized that while yoga can be highly beneficial during pregnancy, it should be practiced with caution and under expert supervision. Incorrect yoga poses can pose risks to both the mother and the fetus. Thus, it’s crucial to seek guidance from a qualified instructor.

Debina Bonnerjee’s dedication to her yoga practice during pregnancy serves as an inspiration for expectant mothers, highlighting the importance of safe and mindful exercise during this crucial time in a woman’s life.

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