Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Follow These Top 3 Nutrition Tips To Avoid Breast Cancer

Ryan Fernando, celebrity Nutritionist and founder of QUA Nutrition

Breast Cancer Awareness Month is observed every October all around the world. According to research, a woman in India is diagnosed with breast cancer every four minutes. It can affect both men and women, although it is more common in women, placing all women at risk.

Apart from changes in the BRCA1 & BRCA 2 genes, nutrition & dietary habits are also of major risk factors. Breast cancer is more likely in women who consume a high-fat diet, smoke and drink alcohol. Women who are overweight are also more likely to acquire breast cancer.

It is difficult to keep in check all the risk factors like gene mutation & the start of menstruation, and menopause. But with the help of an oncology nutritionist, a scientific and structured diet can be planned for a healthy life.

Nutritional support helps the body heal and recover from therapy while reducing symptoms and negative effects. It also improves energy levels, boosts the immune system, and lessens weariness.

# Top 3 Nutrition Tips

Foods To Include:

  1. Whole-grain foods like Oats, Brown rice, Cereals & Breads
  2. Leafy greens like Broccoli, Spinach, Cabbage
  3. Citrus fruits like Oranges

Foods To Avoid:

  1. High fat foods like red meat & cream
  2. Processed foods like cake, soda, cookies
  3. Alcohol

If you have any concerns while creating a healthy diet routine, consult a nutritionist for advice on which foods to include and which to avoid for persons with breast cancer, since this will assist to enhance their quality of life.

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