Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Benefits Of Eating Nuts For Breast Cancer Survivors

Can eating nuts have health-protective effects for breast cancer survivors?

Well, a new study suggests that it might!

According to the study published in the ‘International Journal of Cancer, it has been found that nut consumption is related to lower risks of breast cancer recurrence or death. The findings of the study were also published in the ‘International Journal of Cancer’.

Among 3,449 breast cancer survivors from the Shanghai Breast Cancer Survival Study, who completed a dietary assessment 5 years after diagnosis, there were 374 expiries during a median follow-up of 8.27 years after the dietary calculation. Among 3,274 survivors without a previous recurrence at the time of their dietary assessment, 209 developed breast cancer-specific events, including recurrence, metastasis, or breast cancer deaths.

There was a cure-response pattern in the relationship between nut consumption and threat of bone cancer rush or death, with those consuming the loftiest quantities having the smallest pitfalls. Also, the association was stronger for survivors who had earlier stages of bone cancer than for those who had after stages.

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